Best Texas King Bed Ideas

Best Texas King Bed Ideas Guide: My Top Picks & One I Would Buy Today

If the average person spends over 33 years of their life in bed, buying the perfect one should be a priority. Many don’t realize that bed sizing doesn’t end with a King or California King – there is a range of “family” beds that are made to accommodate the whole family – fur-babies and all.

So, if you have the space and budget, why not consider the ultimate bed – the Texas King. Read on to learn everything you need to know about this oversized bed and the best ones to buy based on quality and availability.

Best Texas King Beds at a Glance

I know, I know, you’re excited to jump right into finding yourself the perfect Texas King bed – we would be too! Here’s the rundown of our top picks for oversized beds and mattresses!

Texas King Mattress

Best: Texas King Mattress

Skye Ridge Wooden Bed Frame

Best: Pre-made Texas King Bed Frame

Alaskan King Mattress

Best: One-Piece Oversized Mattress

California King Memory Foam Mattress

Best: Overall Oversized Mattress

Tuft & Needle California King Adaptive Foam Mattress

Best: Alternative Oversized Mattress

What Is a Texas King Bed?

Forget your crowded twin, double, queen, or king – the Texas King is a seriously oversized bed. Bigger than even a California King, this bed was named after the second-largest state in the United States since it’s the second-largest bed you can buy.

Due to their massive size, Texas King beds, especially bed frames, are often custom made, and you may be hard-pressed to find pre-built Texas King frames. The mattresses themselves are typically made up of two large mattresses that are then joined together by the mattress topper.

These beds are considered “family beds” as they are typically big enough to fit the whole family! The only bed to rival its size is the Alaskan King – the largest bed you can currently buy.

How Big is a Texas King Bed?

king bed

A Texas King bed comes in with a whopping 7,840 square inches of surface area. The bed is 98 by 80 inches long or 8.17 by 6.67 feet. It’s the same length as your standard king-size bed but has over two additional feet in width.

Texas King Bed vs California King vs Regular King

If you’re in the market for a new bed and you know you want a big one, you’re probably comparing the three most common oversized beds – the Texas King, California King, and Standard King. What are the differences between these three beds? We break it down by size and benefits, and downsides of each of these massive beds.

Size Comparison

Texas King California King Standard King
80” x 98” 72” x 84” 80” x 76”
7,840 sq in or 54.4 sq ft 6,048 sq in or 42 sq ft 6,080 sq. in or 42.2 sq ft.

When it comes to size, the biggest difference clearly comes when you compare the Texas King to either the California King or the Standard King. The size difference between a Standard and California King is almost negligible, and choosing one vs. the other when it comes to these two beds mostly comes down to whether you require a bit more length to your bed.

While the California King and Standard King only really differ in how much of its size is distributed in its length vs. width – the Texas King is, overall, a much larger bed offering anywhere from 14 – 22 inches more width and 1,760 sq in of more surface area.


The benefits of a Standard and California King are quite similar, with the main difference being that a California King offers more length for those that are taller. Where things really differ is between these two king beds and a Texas King.

Standard & California King Benefits

  1. California King is more comfortable for those over 6ft as the bed is roughly 7ft long, a slightly better choice than a Standard King for taller people!
  2. The California and Standard King can easily fit in most average-sized main bedrooms, with a California King fitting well in even narrow rooms due to its length and slightly shorter width.
  3. Both a California and Standard King are considered “common” bed sizes making it easy for you to buy bedding, mattresses, bed frames, and more.

Texas King Benefits

  1. A Texas King is a great choice for those over 6ft tall – especially those taller than 6.5ft.
  2. If you have a really large bedroom, an oversized bed like the Texas King can be a great way to fill the space while upgrading your sleep situation.
  3. Texas Kings are often called “family beds” as they’re large enough to fit the whole family – parents, kids, and fur babies alike. If you’re a family that likes early morning cuddles, or family movie nights in bed, the Texas King is a great choice.


king bed

So, what are the negatives of these three types of King beds? There aren’t many downsides to a California or Standard-sized King bed.

In fact, most of the downsides of these two beds come down to the bed not fitting in the space, the bed being too short for someone that’s very tall. In which case, considering a different sized bed is your best bet – whether that’s a smaller or larger bed.

Texas King Downsides

  • The length and width of the bed make it difficult to move and install. This is most difficult when it comes to the mattress as they are often custom-made and don’t tend to come in a vacuum-seal box like all those new mattress ads.
  • A Texas King is not a widely available bed size. In fact, if you want a Texas King, you are likely going to need to have both the bed and the mattress custom-made or specially ordered for you.
  • Limited options for bedding – just like with the bed itself, a Texas King is not a common size; therefore, buying bedding will be extremely limited. You will likely be forced to buy from the few suppliers that stock Texas King bedding, mostly online, or have to have bedding custom made to fit.
  • It needs a lot of space – you have to have a large room to accommodate a bed the size of a Texas King, and in most cases, your average-sized main bedroom in a standard home just won’t cut it. Before buying a Texas King, make sure you check and double-check the measurements of your room and entryways to ensure your new bed will fit.

What Type of Bed Frame Do You Need for a Texas King Bed?

If you’re looking to buy a Texas King, chances are you are going to need a custom-built bed frame. While there are a few very limited places – mostly online – that offer pre-built Texas King bed frames, they are very limited in design options and availability.

Having a local furniture maker or a brand custom build a Texas King bed frame is the best way for you to pick out exactly the type of bed frame you want – from upholstery and headboards to the type and color of the wood.

How Much Does a Texas King Bed Cost?

Due to the size of a Texas King as well as the fact that the beds (both the frame and the mattress) often have to be custom-built or special ordered, the cost of a Texas King can definitely be an investment. Depending on where and how you go about buying your bed, you will generally be looking at anywhere from $4,000 to $18,000 all in (mattress and frame).

This breaks down to about $2,000 to $8,000 for the mattress and $2,000 to $10,000 for the frame. This doesn’t include bedding, which will also come at a premium cost due to the size of the bed.

How to Buy a Texas King Bed

So, you’re ready to buy your Texas King and upgrade your sleep from average to luxurious? Well, you may be wondering how you go about buying a Texas King Bed. Here are some things you need to consider when you’re shopping for a Texas King to style your bedroom.

Proper Sizing

Probably the most important part about buying a Texas King is ensuring that it will both fit in your bedroom and that you have large enough entryways to accommodate moving the mattress and bedframe through your home and into your room.

Before buying, check and triple-check the dimensions of your room and entryways against that of the bed. Additionally, if you are having your bed frame custom-built, you’ll want to make sure that the dimensions match up perfectly to the mattress that you buy.

In many cases, it can be helpful to buy and/or measure the mattress before submitting your plans for your bed frame to whoever is building your bed.


If you’re investing in a bed this expensive and custom, you want to make sure that you are covered in the case of damage if you don’t like the mattress, the bed frame needs repairs, etc. Make sure you do your research before buying a Texas King mattress or bed frame to ensure that you have the protection you need against these common issues.

For example, most mattresses come with a 90-day guarantee where you can return the mattress if you don’t like it within the 90-day period.

Additionally, many mattresses will have a 5 year, 10 years, or even lifetime warranty against defects, structural issues, and sometimes even consequential damages. Make sure you know what’s covered and that you’re comfortable with the warranty in relation to the financial investment you’re making.

The same goes for the bed frame. Most custom-built frames will come with very good warranties – usually 10 years or even a lifetime warranty for any needed repairs, any defects, etc. Make sure you ask about the warranty before committing to a custom-built product and that you’re comfortable with what the warranty covers.


As we’ve mentioned previously in this article, the cost of a Texas King can vary drastically. When you’re looking to buy a bed this size, you have to consider how much you’re willing to spend on your bed and how you want to divide up the allocated amount between mattress and bed frame.

For some, spending more on a mattress makes the most sense, so they’ll put the majority of their budget in a high-quality ultra-comfortable mattress and spend the least amount possible on a bed frame. For others, the design of their bed frame may be most important as they value interior design aesthetics. Decide the budget that is right for you and allocate that money according to your own needs and values.

Texas King Sheets

Before committing to a Texas King, be sure that you can buy or have custom-made – Texas King bedding. This bed size is uncommon, which makes buying bedding much more difficult than just running out to your local big-box store for a set of Queen sheets.

Be sure you can source the proper bedding before committing to a bed this size. Whether that be through a retailer or having a local seamstress create custom sheets.

The Best Texas King Bed

Being that it’s an uncommon size, it can be difficult to find retailers that offer pre-built or ready-made Texas King bed frames and mattresses. A Texas King is, more often than not, something that is custom-built or specially ordered.

If you’re looking to buy your bed online instead of going the custom-made route, here is the best option out there right now.

Texas King Mattress


Best: Texas King Mattress

The MattressInsider Texas King is a ready-to-order mattress that has all the features you’re looking for. Made in the US with the highest quality materials, this mattress is sure to take your sleep to the next level

  • Size: 80” x 98”, 13.5” high
  • Price: $3200 – $5500


  • Adjustable levels of comfort – flip, add or remove layers to customize your mattress to your perfect level of firmness.
  • Cooling gel memory foam layers and organic cotton help regulate temperature.
  • No-shift design so layers won’t move
  • Made in the USA
  • Great for those weighing up to 300lbs due to pocketed coils
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to move and assemble – 3-piece construction

Skye Ridge Wooden Bed Frame

Skye Ridge Wooden Bed Frame

Best: Pre-made Texas King Bed Frame

The Skye Ridge Wooden Bed Frame is a solid-wood frame using only materials grown in the USA. It’s a beautiful and simple wood bed frame that would suit any room or decor style.

  • Size: 80” x 98”, 12.5” high
  • Price: $2200 – $4000


  • USA grown materials
  • Eco-friendly practices – no toxins and plant-based stains and finishes
  • Strong and flexible slats
  • No need for a box spring
  • Easy to clean with a duster or soft cloth

Alternatives to a Texas King Bed

If a Texas King is not quite in your budget right now, or you want to upgrade to an even bigger bed – here are some fantastic alternatives to a Texas King:

Alaskan King Mattress

Alaskan King Mattress

Best: One-Piece Oversized Mattress

If you’re looking for the epitome of luxury sleep, look no further than the Alaskan King Mattress. This mattress is the biggest one you can buy, meaning there will be no lack of space, whether it’s just you and a restless partner or the whole family.

  • Size: Alaskan King – 108” x 108”/ 9’ x 9’, 12” Thick
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Price: $3600 – $5000


  • Four inches of superior foam and eight inches of high-density polyfoam base
  • Integrated cooling gel for optimum temperature regulation
  • Memory foam hugs the body for a supportive sleep
  • Medium firmness is great for side and back sleepers
  • Made in the USA
  • One-piece mattress
  • Organic cotton cover is hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking
  • 15-year limited warranty

Avenco California King Memory Foam Mattress

Avenco California King Memory Foam Mattress

Best: Overall Oversized Mattress

The Avenco California King Memory Foam Mattress offers a supportive and comfortable sleep. Great for those over 6ft tall, this mattress leaves plenty of room for sleepers of all sizes (and maybe some extra room for the fur babies, too!).

  • Size: California King, 72” x 84”, 10” thick
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Price: $500 – 800


  • Double layer airflow and Gel Memory Foam for increased circulation and temperature regulation
  • High-density foam for comfort and support
  • 100 night’s sleep guarantee and 10-year support warranty
  • Fireproof
  • Small shipping size, unroll to expand

Tuft & Needle California King Adaptive Foam Mattress

Tuft & Needle California King Adaptive Foam Mattress

Best: Alternative Oversized Mattress

With its own proprietary foam technology, the Tuft & Needle California King Adaptive Foam Mattress provides the ultimate in pressure relief, comfort, and support. The foam is breathable and designed to help pull heat away from the body as you sleep, meaning you’ll always be at the perfect temperature for a great night’s sleep.

  • Size: California King, 72” x 84”, 10” thick
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Price: $950 – $1300


  • 100-night sleep guarantee, 10-year warranty
  • Adaptive foam adjusts as you move for ultimate pressure relief without sinking.
  • Designed to hug and support your body no matter what style of sleeper you are
  • Open-cell foam with graphite and gel pulls heat away from you, helping to keep you cool and regulate your temperature all night long.
  • Designed to fit all styles of bed frame
  • Easy setup and small shipping size, unroll to expand


Question: Is There a Texas King-Size Bed?

Answer: Yes, a Texas King Size Bed is the second-largest bed currently on the market; it’s larger than a Standard and California King but smaller than an Alaskan King. A Texas King typically needs to be custom-made or special ordered and isn’t readily available from your typical bed and mattress retailers.

Question: Which is the Bigger Texas King or California King?

Answer: A Texas King is bigger than a California King. The Texas King clocks in at 80” x 98” while the California King is 72” x 84”.

Question: What is the Largest King-Size Bed?

Answer: The largest king-size bed is the Alaskan King, which is 108” x 108”. Second, to this is the Texas King at 80” x 98”.

Question: Is There a Bed Bigger Than an Alaskan King?

Answer: No, unless you were to have a completely custom-designed bed, the Alaskan King is the largest bed available.

Question: What are the Different Sizes of King Beds?

Answer: There are many variations, but there are five main sizes of king beds available from most retailers.

• King 76 inches x 80 inches
• California King 72 inches x 84 inches
• Texas King 80 inches x 98 inches
• Wyoming King 84 inches x 84 inches
• Alaskan King 108 inches x 108 inches

Bottom Line

We all dream of having a huge luxurious bed (especially if you have a restless or snoring partner), and the Texas King is a great way to make that dream a reality. However, this massive bed often needs to be custom-made and can be expensive.

If you’re looking for a readily available Texas King, the MattressInsider Texas King Mattress and Skye Ridge Pre-made Texas King Bed Frame is a great place to start, or contact your local furniture store to inquire about designing the perfect bed for you and your space.

If you liked this article, be sure to leave a comment down below! And check out our guide to the best dresser ideas for your bedroom!

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