China Cabinet Ideas For That Extra Storing Space You Desperately Need

The China cabinet is a piece of furniture that is not only functional but decorative. It can be used to store all sorts of things from dishes, glasses, and silverware.

You may also find it helpful to keep your more fragile items in the china cabinet, such as figurines or glassware. The best thing about having one is that you can easily change the style depending on your mood with just a few new pieces added in without drastic changes. 

So, are you looking to buy a new china cabinet and you want to know the latest trends in this design?  Or do you have a China cabinet that needs some love? Do you want to know what the difference is between a traditional and modern china cabinet?

Or are you looking for more ideas on how to decorate your China cabinet but don’t know where to start because it’s such an expansive topic. Read this blog post about China cabinet ideas and find the answers.

What Are the Different Types of China Cabinets

Traditional China Cabinets

Many people are fans of the traditional china cabinet. These cabinets can be quite beautiful and provide an exciting way to add character to your home without breaking a sweat. They’re perfect if what else needs some attention inside it is not something as heavy-duty or significant like plates, but instead smaller items that would look great on display by themselves or alongside more valuable pieces.

There are tall ones with glass doors, so everything looks pristine even after years of use; shorter versions make organization easier (perfect when there’s still plenty left somewhere); lowboy units made precisely IKEA style— fold down legs means easy storage.

China Cabinet Ideas

Formal China Cabinets

Sinister and dark, these formal China cabinets will make a perfect addition to your home. They have an industrial vibe that’s sure not to be missed. 

These traditional china designs are reminiscent of old factory buildings from days gone by. Still, they also look pretty modern at the same time, thanks in large part because their simplistic style allows them not only to stand out as eye-catching furniture pieces but remain affordable too.

Transitional China Cabinets

The transitional China-style cabinets hold similarities with more modern furniture in terms of their goal: providing beauty through practical use without being wasteful or excessive at any point during the production process. 

This makes them very popular among people who want quality items but don’t always need sky-high prices associated with high-end brands like Louis Vuitton Handbags (for example).

Country China Cabinets

With a mix of traditional and contemporary design, the Country China cabinets are perfect for those who want some decoration without necessarily wanting to go with something too gorgeous. 

If you’re not into the top-heavy look typically found in this type of cabinet, don’t worry because these have more features than most other options on offer today while still maintaining their elegant appearance.

Modern China Cabinets

If you’re looking for a unique feature, then look no further than the interior lights. Some china cabinets now come with this excellent and handy option that can do wonders in illuminating your prized dishes at night when it gets dark outside- putting on some “spice” into their display as well.

 It’s lovely how much better everything looks after taking advantage of these modern China cabinet choices, which give off such an alluring glow from within.

Features of a China Cabinet

China Cabinet Ideas: white

You could make your kitchen look like a museum with china cabinets. While they’re designed to hold dishes, these cabinets come equipped with features that can be used for displaying and preserving valuable items in the home – just consider how you want them displayed when buying one.

When you have a fine collection of vintage plates, the china cabinet that’s right for your home should be able to hold them upright. For those looking at unique pieces or who would rather display their entire set instead of putting it away in storage boxes every time they want access-a freestanding shelving unit will work perfectly. Here are some of the most important features of China cabinets:


For those of you who have young children or are simply afraid that small hands may damage their precious china, it is a good idea to invest in locking cabinets. The keyless variety can also make things easier if one decides they want everything locked up tight at night without worrying about waking someone else while getting dressed down low next door.


Shoppers should think about the type of doors a china cabinet has when they are shopping for one. Some cabinets come with only hinged or sliding panels, while others have folding fronts that can be opened up to reveal shelves inside. These features will depend on what you want from your new buffet. The types of doors include:

Outdoor Opening Doors

A typical outdoor opening door is a hinged panel that opens toward you. Openings can be found on either side, with interior access available from the front and back sides of this cabinet convenience staple.

Sliding Doors

The most common type of sliding door is the one-way variety, which will open and close by sliding left or right on a track system. A two-way slider can go both ways but has an added convenience for you because it’s easier to access than using just one side at any time.

Side Entry Doors

The side entry door is an attractive design choice for those who want to maximize the view from their cabinets. In this case, you have two options: outward opening or sliding doors with access gained by turning sideways and looking into it as if you were peeking through window blinds on either side. 

Plate Grooves

Have you ever wanted to display your vintage plates? You will need a plate groove. This pre-cut channel in the back of the shelf is designed for this purpose and can be found in many different styles, including countertop displays that have elegant elegance suited just right from its historical style.

Adjustable Shelves 

You never know when you’ll need to store a plate or dish, so these items should be easily accessible. If the china cabinet shelves in your kitchen happen not to be designed for displaying dishes vertically, then glass ones will work just fine. All of them come with grooves, so all sorts of measurements can fit comfortably without any problems whatsoever.

Interior Lighting

Interior lighting in a china cabinet draws the eye to what is inside. Depending on the manufacturer and design of your China Cabinet, it can have one or all three types: Canister lights which provide even illumination across an entire space; Halogen system for those who prefer not only softer light but also more natural colors; Track layouts specifically designed to catch people’s eyes as they move around inside cabinets.

Mirrored Back

The mirrored back of a china cabinet can be used for many things. One purpose it serves, naturally enough, is to showcase and emphasize items in the cabinets; this will make your home look more elegant or sophisticated with just one glance from across the room. 

It also adds style by giving definition when space might otherwise feel too limited- while small rooms benefit from having an extra touch like this because they give off such an open atmosphere as long as you know how much light works well (or don’t forget there’s usually plenty).

The Best China Cabinets: Our Top Picks

Do you want a beautiful, stylish, and functional China cabinet to store your dishes? If so, we are here to help you find the perfect one for your home. It is challenging to choose from such an abundance of options out there, but we hope that our reviews and buying guide will make things easier for you. 

Whether you’re looking for something with glass doors or would prefer something more traditional-looking, we have everything covered here. Our review will be based on quality, price, size, and style.

Pemberly Row: Best Minimalist China Cabinet

pemberly row kitchen cabinet

Never again will your microwave take up the entire counter space with its monstrosity. This tall cabinet is perfect for all the little things that make cooking more complicated without gumming up countertops or preventing you from accessing all of your kitchen tools. 

The tall design can be assembled in minutes, with no furniture assembly required. Extra cabinets allow you to store pots and pans, cutting boards- even a hot pot of water or covered dish. Condiments are easy to access when they’re organized separately on the door panel. 

All this and still enough room for other necessities like utensils and plastic wrap- we guarantee that Pemberly Row China kitchen cabinets will redefine your kitchen.


  • It has an elegant look
  • It is robust
  • It is easy to install


  • Some customers complained that parts came unlabeled, making its assembly difficult.

Crafters and Weavers Arts and Crafts Mission: Best Solid Oak China Cabinet

crafters and weavers cabinet

The Crafters and Weavers Arts and Crafts Mission solid oak china cabinet is the perfect solution for displaying your beautiful ceramics set. The Oak construction can withstand a lifetime of use, ensuring this piece will be a hallmark in your home. 

Solid wood construction with a hand-rubbed lacquer finish provides long-lasting beauty even as it stands up to wear and tear over time. 

This cabinet features three fixed shelves behind frosted glass doors, so you can find items quickly while still admiring them with an added level of protection from the elements, thanks to the protective nature of this durable design. 


  • It has enough storage space
  • It’s durable and sturdy
  • Elegant oak finish


  • Shelves are not adjustable

Sorrento China: Best Premium China Cabinet

The design of this amazing Sarento China Cabinet began in coastal’s most notable Northwest town, and it is now the right fit for your living room or dining room. This china cabinet is set with a Sand & Stable™ finish that offers a more sophisticated appearance to combine comfort with your eclectic homestead. 

You’ll love how sage green countertops enhance any space while providing ample surface, storage, clear visibility from all sides, and just enough style to show off your best dishes without feeling too particular. 

Plus, you get so much more than just a kitchen countertop. A large center compartment holds up to 18 shelves of dinnerware at the ready – perfect for serving multiple purposes around the house. Add three drawers beneath the top tier for smaller essentials.


  • It is made of durable material
  • It is firm and sturdy
  • It is built to serve for a long time


  • The shelves are fixed, and therefore not adjustable

Zinnemann China Cabinet: Best Budget China Cabinet

The Zinnemann China Cabinet is a simple and elegant piece for any home. This Chinese-style cabinet has two shelves down the front and three drawers on the inside. It also opens up plenty of hidden storage space in the back. You’ll be delighted when you notice all this furniture is needed to store your treasures. 

It features solid wood construction with two shelves in front and three drawers in usable interior space that can fit many items and well-sized furniture pieces (18″W x 8″ D). It also opens up to reveal hidden storage available behind both left-side doors.


  • It is strong since its made of solid material
  • It is long-lasting
  • It is very affordable


  • Customers complained that the unlabelled parts made assembly hard

Welliver Lighted China Cabinet: Best Traditional China Cabinet

You never know who might drop by for dinner. So it’s good to be prepared. That’s why the right china cabinet just makes sense. It’ll hold your table settings and also display all of your most coveted serving pieces. 

Enter Welliver, a lighted China Cabinet with plenty of storage space for table linens as well as extras like stemware and glassware. Not only is this cabinet home to your prized settable decorations, but also two wide wooden doors mean you can use the mirror on the back as a ready-made buffet table too. 

It is just the perfect traditional china cabinet with modern lines, decorative veneer inlays, elegant curves and angles, and an oversized pedestal base decorated with four feet that look like claws reaching out from floor to ceiling.


  • It has an elegant look because of its decorative details
  • It offers great storage space
  • Features lighting and has a mirrored back

Castiel China Cabinet: Most Spacious Cabinet

This luscious cabinet is waiting for you to fill it up. With thirteen shelves and twelve drawers, the Castiel China cabinet offers plenty of storage space. And with its soft white finish, this piece will beautifully offset your antique china collection. 

Make sure not to miss out on all of the extra features – six drawers in the base, a double-door cabinet with two side cabinets at the top hutch offering four glass-paned doors, and six additional drawers – four small enough for candles. You’ll love the contrasts found in distressed black cup pulls and knobs too.

This china cabinet is perfect for English-style homeowners – with its roots in American Shaker design. Its crisp white finish, distressing details, and large hutch will make the Castiel China Cabinet an essential part of your dining room or kitchen.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is solid
  • It has a beautiful design


  • Customers complained about poor finishing

Four Essential Tips on How to Choose China Cabinets

Consider the Style of China Cabinet

Style is the essential element of any room. You can either choose a cabinet that will blend in seamlessly with your existing decor or take one from a different style and set up an entirely new look for them to be part of your personal space.

In order to craft a kitchen that is both modern and traditional, it’s important not only for the cabinets themselves but also their color scheme. If you are going with an earthy vibe, then pick something dark like espresso or black finish against light wood surfaces such as blonde oak, which can be found on teak. For those looking towards more of an industrial feel, try out steel-blue paint.

Consider the Space and Size of the China Cabinet

Keep your furniture in mind when buying cabinets. You want them to be a pleasing size and not take up too much space, so measure the dimensions of where they will go beforehand.  If you have figured out how big everything needs to fit but end up with something that doesn’t match or look great, then try this;

Purchase an alternate 6-12″ smaller than what is needed for each direction from front back; It’ll make sure all items are snug without looking cramped – perfect harmony while saving money at once.

Consider the Features of the China Cabinet

A beautiful china cabinet not only functions as a furniture piece but also can be transformed into an elegant storage space for your prized collectibles. If you’re unsure on what items should go in or how much space they’ll require, feel free to get one with adjustable shelves; 

These save valuable floor space while letting homeowners consider their options before finalizing something definitively. Interior lighting is another excellent idea, especially if there isn’t enough natural light coming through window sills inside homes like mine — this will make sure everything stands out nicely even when placed against dark surroundings.

Consider the Lighting of the China Cabinet

The Chinese cabinet is specially designed to hold dinnerware, crockery, and other kitchen items. But if you want more than just storage space for your next party, guests can undoubtedly appreciate this elegant piece with its lighting.

In specific models, cabinets come equipped with their very own light fixtures – but don’t worry because it’s easy enough to rig up some soft light from lamps or candles instead.

How to Style China Cabinets

Here are some tips that you can consider using when styling your China cabinets:

Make Use of Accent Colors

For those who enjoy showcasing their belongings, glass-fronted storage is perfect. Not only can you make the shelves inside a focal point of interest for your room but also add an accent color so that there’s never a dull moment when looking around at all these things neatly tucked away in one place.

Use Books

When we want to create something new or get inspired by looking at other people’s work, our bookshelves are always there for us. That’s why it was only natural that when we started styling our shelves differently- stacking them horizontally instead of vertically on one shelf per cube-like before-, all kinds of new possibilities opened up. 

Not only does this give off an Air Force 1 vibe, but you can mix things up depending on what kind of mood strikes.

Whether laid out flat with covers facing upwards as decoration, accordion-folded over, so they hug tight against each other while still leaving enough room between each stackable panel, or even sitting upright.

Add Some Greenery

china cabinet greenery

We find that adding some greenery to your shelves can help bring life into the room. If you have good sunlight, it’s great to have natural plants in your decor. 

However, if there isn’t enough natural light or the plant would constantly need replacing due to lack of water, faux is a great alternative. They’ll still add interest and make an excellent focal point without costing much.


We love adding our favorite finds, decor pieces, and collections into the shelf styling. This is a great way to personalize your space while making it reflect who you are as an individual.

Some of the items that have worked well for most homeowners include

  • Bookshelves full of novels or textbooks from school years past
  • Vases filled with fresh flowers on top
  • Baskets housing blankets thrown across them at various times throughout winter months–either inside during lovely days or outside under cover if cold weather arrives early). 

Always Start With Larger Items

When styling cabinet shelves, the first step is to start with the more oversized items. Sometimes they are too heavy and sometimes not enough, so balance can be tricky. But in general, once those test shots look good on their own, adding more pieces becomes easier because you know what will fit well. 

It’s all about personal preference. Some people might want symmetry, while others like attractive styles or even just one particular color palette throughout their home decorating project. 

Everyone has different ideas when deciding how much space an item takes up compared to its visual weight.


Question: What is the Point of a China Cabinet?

Answer: The china cabinet is a piece of furniture usually used to hold and display porcelain dinnerware. Typical pieces in such cabinets often have cups, plates, bowls, or glasses; all are typically glazed with ceramic patterns representing natural landscape scenes like flowers and riversides.

Question: How Deep is a China Cabinet?

Answer: China cabinets are typically 36″ wide, with a depth that varies depending on the brand and model. Three-glass china’s come in different widths, but all hover around 45 inches long as well; they’re usually about 17 or 18 inches high too.

Question: How Tall is a China Cabinet?

Answer: The dimensions of this cabinet are impressive. It has an overall height – top to bottom: 74 inches; width-side to side: 53 inches with depth front back being 18 inches or 5’7″. This makes it perfect for any room in your home. The weight is also very manageable at just 245 pounds, so you won’t have trouble moving around the house with these things on wheels.

Question: How Do China Cabinets Display Glasses?

Answer: Set the mood for a luxurious dinner with this light and glittering display. Place your most elegant crystal wine glasses on top of each other in rows, or arrange them carefully around an elaborate vase so that its front shines through all five facets at once.

Question: What is the Difference Between Cabinets and Cupboards?

Answer: You may have heard the term “cabinet” used to refer both to a cupboard and sometimes about food storage. 
The difference between these two things? A cupboard can be found freestanding, usually for use around your kitchen or pantry area while you’re at home cooking up some delicious new dishes. In contrast, cabinets must always find their place built into walls where décor is concerned, so it’s out of sight but not mind if eaten from.


When it comes to style, there are so many different types of china cabinets. You have the option to go with a traditional style cabinet, or you can choose one that is more modern looking. 

There are also other designs available for your choosing as well. If you’re not sure which one would work best in your home, then chances are you will be able to find what suits your needs online by doing some research on various styles and features found in these furniture pieces. 

We hope this blog post has been helpful. Our top China cabinet pick is the Welliver Lighted China Cabinet. It’s spacious, has an elegant design with additional features such as lighting, and is made of strong durable material.

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