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Rawcliffe Sectional Review: Is It Spaceous Enough?

The Rawcliffe sectional is the perfect addition to your living room. Ideal for entertaining or having a nice chat with friends and family. This popular couch has some great features that will make you fall in love. With memory foam cushions, a chaise lounge section, and much more, the Rawcliffe sectional has so many things to offer, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something new for your home.

There are many ways to get a quality Rawcliffe sectional sofa. They can be purchased from furniture stores, online retailers, or even secondhand shops. But how do you know which one is best for you? Follow this guide so that you can find the perfect Rawcliffe sectional for your living space.

What is a Rawcliffe Sectional Sofa?

The Rawcliffe Collection is a mix of hardwood and engineered lumber with pre-approved fabrics. The seat cushions are covered in low melt fiber wrapped over high-quality foam for the comfort you can sink into at any time.

Different Designs of Rawcliffe Sectional Couches

Once upon a time, there were three sectional sofa options: the loveseat, recliner couch, and just regular old sofas. Since then, though, we’ve seen an endless array of styles for every type. Whether they’re looking to host friends or watch football on Sunday afternoon with their significant other, they are designed to match the purpose.

Here is a hit list of some of the best Rawcliffe sectionals designs you can choose from.

  • L-shape
  • Chaise
  • Curved
  • U-shape
  • Modular 
  • Sleeper


Rawcliffe Sectional

The L-shape sectional is a popular design for its versatility. You’re likely to find three cushion styles or larger four with two cushions that can be connected at the end at an angle, depending on your needs and preferences.  

The name suggests it takes on this form when looked at from one side (an “L”), but if you turn either corner up against something solid – like another sofa, for instance – then there will always remain space enough underneath so these areas don’t get pushed together. 

This is because they’re not touching anything else first, which means more roominess overall than just having both ends flush against each other without any gaps whatsoever between them instead.


The chaise sectional is the simplified cousin of an L-shape sofa. It has a big cushioned footrest and ottoman attached to one side, which you can use for extra seating or as your worry beads when dealing with complex issues at home like folding laundry on Sunday morning without being heard by anyone else in the house.


The curved sectional brings the perfect amount of elegance to your space, making it an attractive addition. With its elegant shape and minimalist design, you won’t be able to go wrong.

Remember that this isn’t always best in small places because they don’t quite touch against any walls, so make sure there’s enough room when positioning them. But if everything else works out well, then sit back and enjoy some good furniture company time with friends or family while sipping on wine after work today too.


The U-shape style has two arms that extend from either side. It can be used in a wide area, or you might just need the extra space for seating, so it’s perfect. The design also encourages intimate conversation with its tight angle between those extended hands – great if your family loves getting cozy over board games night at home together as well.


The modular sectional offers a design that is more flexible than traditional models. You can move individual pieces of the sofa as needed, which means it’s excellent for use in different areas like your bedroom and living room or even outdoors on those warm days.

There is no need to worry about buying different sections if you want something specific because these come complete with all five options. The aesthetically pleasing look will never go out style due to its current, trendsetting versatility.



This ever-functional sectional is a perfect addition to your living room. Comfortable and stylishly modern in design, today’s home is not complete without one.

A great deal of space will be made available for sitting or sleeping when you add this type on a different seating range at either end, which is often featured alongside chaise style sections that aren’t only comfy and provide additional legroom. This makes them excellent choices if sprawl isn’t always possible during long bouts of TV viewing sessions.

Best Rawcliffe Sectional Couches: Our Top Picks

Rawcliffe three-piece Sectional: Best 3- Piece Rawcliffe Sectional Couch

3 piece sectional

If you’re looking for a sectional that will fill your home (and your friends’ homes) with cozy perfection, the Rawcliffe three-piece sectional is the one. Whether you like to kick back and relax on the couch or hang out in tight groups of three when you’re not watching television, Rawcliffe has got your L-shaped needs covered. 

A sofa for days when large group hangs are in order – it might look strange at first, but they’ll love it once they’ve realized they can fit more people around this beauty. It’s made from quality materials with corner-blocked frames, reversible cushions, high-resiliency foam cushions wrapped in thick poly fiber, and ten accent pillows included.

Rawcliffe Charcoal Armless Chair: Best 1-Piece Rawcliffe Sectional Couch

1 piece couch

It’s time to leave the world of ordinary furnishing behind with this Rawcliffe charcoal armless sectional couch. Fine hardwoods and plywood create a frame that is not only durable but comfortable too. It is also topped off by quality foam cushioning for ultimate luxury. 

It’s just the kind of formal seating you have been searching for. Complemented with decadent charcoal accent pillows, our armchair will provide you with years of uncompromising comfort.

Want versatility? No problem – elsewhere in your home, you can always make use of it as an extra bed. Find out what sets apart our chairs from all others- assemble them yourself. That’s right; no need to call someone over who may end up smudging.

Rawcliffe 4-Piece Sectional: Best 4-piece Rawcliffe Sectional Couch

4 piece sectional

Get all four pieces of the Rawcliffe sectional for your living room but with a tighter budget. You may be able to afford everything in this affordable, high-quality Rawcliffe sectional.

The Rawcliffe four-piece sectional has everything you need in terms of seating options with armless chairs, left-arm facing sofas, and right-facing sofas. The finely tailored back cushions are resistant to wear and tear but easy on the eyes when it comes time for style updates. 

You’ll also find twelve accent pillows that come included with the Rawcliffe’s purchase or at an affordable price after that.

Rawcliffe Parchment Sectional Set: Best 5-Piece Rawcliffe Sectional Couch

5piece sectional

Experience the modern style of this 5-piece sectional set with everything you will need to turn your living room into your very own oasis. With its sleek, simple lines and stylish rich color, this is sure to be the new centerpiece of any decor.

Includes enough seating for eight adults so hosts can invite more guests than ever before. The set includes a corner wedge sized perfectly for smaller spaces, a left-side facing loveseat, an armless chair on the right, and a contemporary oversized storage ottoman at just the right angle cushions- just all you need. 

Padded in comfort from head to toe with organic cotton tweed paired with that beautiful wood finish—your new ensemble is just cozy enough to keep guests coming back for more.

How to Choose the Right Rawcliffe Sectional for Your Common Area

What’s the best way to furnish a living area that will be shared by many? You think it would be easy, but in reality, there are so many challenges. The theme and style need to please everyone who might inhabit this space – even as those apartments change hands over time.

If you have children or pets present within your walls of the common home (or if others leave their mark), then choosing furniture is an all-time high priority for success with these tough decisions. 

Here are just but a few things that you must put into consideration when choosing the right Rawcliffe sectional for your common area:

Choose the Style, Theme, and Color You’ll Use

There are a lot of popular themes and styles that could be perfect for your common area. Of course, you want the space to have similar colors as other rooms, not feel too alone or left out when guests come over. 

For example, if someone has an old-fashioned Victorian home, they may not want industrial furniture inside their living room either – so think about what kind of vibe will best suit any individual needs before starting on décor choices near the doorways from entryways into bedrooms.

I would recommend consulting with professionals such as interior designers who specialize specifically in residential projects like yours. Designs by Ashley have a variety of sectionals to suit any style. 

These include the Rawcliffe collection, perfect for throwing on and going from chic in town or rustic at your local farmhouse. They’re also available with throws, so you can make them match whatever looks suits you best no matter where life takes us.

Think About Material

signature sectional

We’ve all had the experience of bringing something into our home and that it becomes an extension of ourselves. You can’t live without a couch, so why would you want to put up with cheap material when there’s nothing stopping people from throwing things around or kicking them over? 

But not everything is as durable – especially if your guests are less behaved than average citizens. Make sure any furnishings for public spaces meet specific standards by selecting high-quality products like leather or wood instead (and don’t forget about flooring.).

The Rawcliffe sectional sofa is available in various colors, so you’re sure to find one that suits your style. The fabric is easy to clean and maintained thanks to its polyester coverings which can be removed for washing separately from the cushions. 

This allows even more flexibility when tackling stubborn stains like spilled juice or mud. With kids (and pets) running around at home sometimes, too, these loveseats are up there as one tough but a sophisticated choice for any living room space.

Take Measurements of Your Area

Buying furniture is exciting, but it can also be stressful. Not knowing exactly how big your house or apartment will be when the delivery guy arrives at the doorstep means you might have to put up with an item that doesn’t fit into the space where you want it set up.

You might be surprised to learn that you can’t just measure the length of a sofa and think it will fit your space. Many sectionals have much deeper seats than other types of furniture, so if there is no measuring tape available before ordering one online or in-store, this could make things difficult for people trying to order their new couch.

The four harsh piece sectional models may need some modifications like moving felt pads under each armrest depending on how high up from ground level they sit – say goodbye to crunched ankles. 

One of the best ways to avoid renovations is by following these simple tips for furnishing common areas. Use neutral colors and tones; use a general style such as modern or traditional. Basically, anything to not stand out from other elements within your home decor.


Question: How Do You Clean Rawcliffe Sectionals?

Answer: The best answer is to use water or solvent solutions. You can make your Rawcliffe sectional upholstery clean by using water and shampoo as you wipe between spaces and corners to remove any dirt or dust. You are always advised not to saturate your solvents with liquids that may tamper with your Rawcliffe’s fabric as they will wear off or catch stains. You may also need to brush off others when necessary.

Question: Do Rawcliffe Sectional Sofas Make Your Living  Room Look Bigger?

Answer: Yes. The right sectional sofa will make your living room look more extensive, accessible, and inviting. Sectionals are an excellent option for those with tiny homes because of all the customizable options available to them. You can always get one that fits in line with your descriptions or measurement, meaning no more sacrificing space. If you want your house to be spacious and organized, then buying Rawcliffe is essential.

Question: How Much Space Should Be Left Between Your Living Room and  Rawcliffe Sectional?

Answer: You should have a space of around two feet to allow people to move freely around the house if your Rawcliffe is not leaning against the wall. You should also note that Rawcliffe sectionals are good-dividers compared to other sofas due to their built design. If you have a small space, then it’s good to put it where all will sit comfortably to save room for other home decors.

Question: Can You Place a Rawcliffe Sectional Sofa In Front of a Window?

Answer: Yes. The Rawcliffe sectional sofa is an excellent choice for anyone looking to place their sofa in front of a window. This style can be dressed up or down, depending on your taste and needs. Just make sure you leave enough space between the back of this sectional couch so that any treatments hanging from curtains have room (upward) before they get stuck against it.

Question: Is Ashley’s Rawcliffe Sectional Comfortable?

Answer: We know you’re looking for a comfortable couch that will look great in your home, and we’ve got just what you need! Our cork-textured microfiber fabric is durable enough not to give way when it comes into contact with food or drink. Plus, this luxurious material holds up well against stains, so all those spilled sodas won’t leave Marks on our hands either. 
The sleek design of the sofa combines modern comfort without being too minimalist – perfect if style matters more than substance.

Question: What is the Best Month to Buy Furniture?

Answer: It’s always a good idea to shop during the holiday season. The end of winter or summer is when retailers will be discounting old stock and making room for new styles so you can score some great deals! Presidents Day weekend and Labor Day weekends are especially prime times with sales on hand-picked goods from all over America while we wait patiently until next year.

Rawcliffe Sectional Review: Conclusion

The Rawcliffe Sectional is an excellent choice for any family with children, as it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It’s also perfect for those who want to save money on furniture by buying just one piece they’ll need now or in the future. If you’re looking for a sectional that will last through your entire life with minimal maintenance, this is the best bet.

With so many different designs, factors to consider, and questions that come up when looking for the perfect Rawcliffe sectional couch, it can be tough to figure out which is best. 

We hope these tips have helped point you in the right direction on your journey towards finding the perfect Rawcliffe sectional. Our top pick is the Rawcliffe three-piece sectional L-shaped sofa, as it is long-lasting and elegant. 

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