Best 3 Drawer Dresser Options Guide: Our Top 7 Picks

As the weather warms up, it’s time to get your summer wardrobe organized. Picking out a new dresser might seem complicated at first because there are so many options available. Luckily this article provides an in-depth overview of different types and styles that will help you make the right decision quickly without any stress or confusion. 

Whether you prefer open storage units with lots of space to see what is inside, traditional wood style drawers for a timeless look everyone loves, or something more modern like sleek steel designs, we have all those choices covered here.

Best 3 Drawer Dresser Options Guide: Our Top 7 Picks From Amazon

Best 3 Drawer Dresser Overall: Delta 3 Drawer Dresser

Delta 3 Drawer Dresser

The delta children’s solid universal three-drawer dresser is the perfect addition to your child’s bedroom and gives them a great place to store all their belongings. With plenty of room for clothes and even some small toys, this dresser will make easy work of any little one’s morning routine.

It comes with a hidden compartment with safety features that keep important stuff from falling out when little hands go snooping around. Important information stored in the top drawer helps you keep track of what belongs inside each drawer for quick selection on mornings with hectic routines or messy rooms.

It assembles easily in just 15 minutes with 13 screws that are provided, so no need to enlist help from another adult. This product is made entirely out of composite wood products -the frame being solid wood. 


  • It’s easy to assemble
  • It’s budget-friendly
  • It’s strong and durable


  • The scent of the dresser’s paint is irritating at times.

Best 3 Drawer Dresser for Kids: Storkcraft Brookside 3 Drawer

Storkcraft Brookside 3 Drawer

Storkcraft’s brookside chest is the perfect dresser for your child’s room. With three smaller drawers, you’ll be able to store all of your little one’s favorite clothes while having enough space on top for decorative items. Quickly assemble the chest using only a Phillips screwdriver and hex wrench (both included) in less than 30 minutes. Fits perfectly with any décor, thanks to its timeless style.

The Storkcraft Brookside is a timeless white dresser with three drawers that will keep any nursery, toddler’s, or kid’s room neat and organized. The combination of sleek design and practical function has made it a popular choice for kids’ rooms everywhere.


  • It’s sturdy
  • It has a manual for easy assembly
  • It has ample space for extra storage


  • The white color catches the dirt and spills easily

Best Modern 3 Drawer Dresser: WLIVE Dresser 

WLIVE Dresser 

Meet the third generation of the popular WLIVE collection. These three flower-inspired drawers are easy to use and big on storage space, opening up your bedroom in no time at all. With durable construction, safety corner guard rails, and an excellent tree branch top pad for candles or displays, you can rest assured this chest is made to last.

The WLIVE duo is the perfect addition to any bedroom, closet, or playroom, perfect for storing your clothing and accessories. You have more room if needed since the bottom drawer can be removed and returned quickly. Let this fabulous WLIVE  dresser be the centerpiece of your bedroom setup. The WLIVE dresser is available in black, yellow, white, which means you can always take one that matches the color of your room.


  • The lower dresser of the WLIVE can be removed for extra storage
  • Durable due to the high-quality fabric
  • It’s sturdy and spacious


  • Some customers complained that it wasn’t sturdy enough. You might have to put a lot of weight in the last drawer to ensure stability.

Most Versatile 3 Drawer Dresser: DaVinci 3-Drawer Dresser

DaVinci 3-Drawer Dresser

Do you know how tough it can be to find space for all your adorable baby clothes and the precious things you’re collecting? The DaVinci charlie 3 -drawer dresser has got you covered.  With three spacious, deep drawers that keep everything organized and tidy, this practical and decorative piece of furniture will give your nursery a look that’s perfect for both family photos or professional home décor.

Made from sustainable pinewood sourced from New Zealand with a lead-free paint finish, the DaVinci dresser is not only healthy for your little one but also kind to Mother Earth. With only non-toxic paint products used in crafting this gorgeous dresser, you can feel good knowing that no lead or phthalate will affect you and your kindreds.


  • Serves you for a long time due to the durable wood
  • It’s versatile
  • It’s easy to assemble


  • Catches dirt easily

Best Mid Century Modern 3 Drawer Dresser: Walker Edison Mid Century Dresser

Walker Edison Mid Century Dresser

You’ll love tucking your clothes into the spacious drawers of this fashionable 3 Drawer Mid Century Modern Dresser. With simple lines, roomy storage space for all your clothes, and a beautiful polished wood frame, it’s an investment that will last well beyond today’s trends.

The sleek drawers are perfect for organizing socks, so they don’t disappear in the wintertime, extra blankets during the winter season, or hand towels near the sink to dry your hands on after cooking dinner.

No matter what size job you have to complete, the Walker Edison is a drawer that will fit anything you need. This piece is made from solid pine wood in a stained finish to provide you with peace of mind as it lasts for decades, thanks to its capabilities. The drawer supports up to 50 lbs.


  • Dust resistant 
  • It’s strong
  • It’s versatile and can be used for various purposes and in different rooms around the house


  • Takes a lot of time to assemble

Most Elegant 3 Drawer Dresser: Manhattan Comfort 3 Drawer

Manhattan Comfort 3 Drawer

Step into the future with a Manhattan comfort sleek, luxurious piece of furniture. The functional yet fashionable design features three pullout drawers that glide effortlessly on rolling metal tracks, while delicate handles come in complementary finishes that fit any decor.

This contemporary unit—made from durable MDF and featuring a luxe black finish-is a hardworking storage organizer and a sculptural statement.

With three drawers of space hosting a simple sliding mechanism, it’s anything but basic when you can store all your essentials in an innovative style. Take a peek inside and at the affordable price tag. This is truly an incredible value that your wardrobe will thank always complement your home decor.


  • Its versatility allows it to be used as a nightstand
  • It’s elegant and easily matches your home decor.
  • It’s strong due to the solid material


  • Needs more than two people to assemble

Best Rustic 3 Drawer Dresser: Rustic Storage 3 Drawer Dresser

Rustic Storage 3 Drawer Dresser

These wood dressers are sophisticated, unique pieces of furniture perfect for providing an organized place to store clothes and other personal items. With three fabric drawers, this rustic broad thanks to its capabilities, this chest is excellent for using as your dressing table as well as providing plenty of storage space.

The rustic three-drawer storage is the definitive solution to maximize every available surface within your bedroom without taking up too much floor space. 

It comes with a natural wood top accent that you’ll love showing off. The drawers offer easy access and sturdy construction to avoid bending or falling when holding heavy objects like jeans and boots. Plus, it’s water-resistant, so spills should be cleaned up right away to avoid ruining the wooden elements forever.


  • It’s water-resistant
  • It’s quick to set up
  • It’s budget-friendly


  • Cannot hold heavy items

How to Style Your Drawer Dresser

Bedroom Drawer Dresser

Adding Some Accents

When using a dresser drawer, you can turn it into art by adding photos or artwork that make you feel at home. 

You should use different shapes and sizes of frames when decorating your drawer dresser to give an eclectic but cohesive look to the room. Vases keep the atmosphere creative while getting ready, perfect for having fun dressing up before going out on special occasions like parties with friends and family members.

Jewelry boxes could also be used depending upon how they are appropriately arranged without looking overcrowded, though.

Adding Height

Your drawer dresser needs balance and visual interest, so you will add a tall vase on the opposite corner of where your lamp is. This will create two different heights for the room, which helps keep it balanced while adding more exciting, broad rustic visuals.

Another great way is by arranging tall candles in front of each other and adding another smaller object at the top. Stacking objects like this will add depth that creates different levels making it interesting for people’s eyes when looking around.

Mixing Shapes and Materials

You can always mix shapes and materials to match the style of your drawer dresser. A mixture of trays and even marble tops in a basket or bowl can always give you something to reminisce about.

Since you don’t want your drawer to be overcrowded, you can even throw your keys and other small items in them. If your drawer dresser is in the bedroom, you can also place items like perfumes and lotion as they’ll give you an elegant look.


.Anchoring your dresser with a mirror is an easy way to ensure that the space above it isn’t empty. You can use circular mirrors since they give you more opportunities for balance and symmetry in your room, or place them opposite of other artifacts on top, so everything stays balanced. 

If you opt not to do this, try putting the drawer dresser near windows where there’s plenty of natural light coming in – nature will help complement all aspects of decor.

Add Extra Touches 

Picking out fun decor pieces is the favorite part of styling a drawer dresser since it allows you to create a cohesive design. Although adding the decorative items is done last, you can accentuate your style through antiques such as artificial skulls and wildlife prints.

This step also gives every drawer dresser its tone depending on how many unique finds and objects you incorporate.

This means that even though you are not doing anything too drastic for them all to fit together perfectly, there will still be subtle differences throughout each level, making the space feel like home rather than just another room with furniture inside it.

Factors to Consider Before Buying  a Drawer Dresser

drawer dresser

The Size

When purchasing a drawer dresser, you should consider how much space it will occupy in your room and where you plan on placing the piece. Make sure that it doesn’t dwarf the size of your bedroom or crowd out other furniture items since this can be distracting to guests when entering the room for social events.

Measure the area where your drawer dresser will be. Take note of its depth, width, and height so you have a general idea of how much space it’ll take up.

Purpose of the Drawer Dresser

It is imperative to know what you will use your drawer dresser for before purchasing one. In a drawer dresser, the items you want to put inside include folded clothes, makeup products, toiletries, and other small pieces of stuff.  You can also place various accessories in there, such as hats or ties, if there is no more space left for them on your wardrobe shelf. 

Clothes including lingerie are good choices, but make sure they do not get wrinkled when placed alongside heavy objects like shoes. This would otherwise cause damage to clothing fibers over time, especially from humidity exposure due to lack of ventilation at times.

The Style

There are many different styles to choose from, but you should always go for the class that satisfies your needs. The most common types of drawer dressers include the traditional manner, which enhances the presence of Egyptian artistry in your room with these vintage dressers.

They were crafted from hardwood and featured intricate carvings, ornate designs, creating an elegant backdrop to any space.

Modern style drawer dressers have clear-cut, precise lines that provide orderliness in the room. These contemporary pieces are a great addition to any bedroom because they will allow you to keep your clothes organized and properly folded away when not in use.

Finally, contemporary dressers have a cleaner, minimalist appeal. They are made with light wood and materials such as knobs or aluminum drawer pulls.


When purchasing furniture, ensure that the quality is excellent. This ensures durability and will give you back your investment eventually. The legs of a desk should be firmly glued with either tapered or carved ends to prevent peeling and splitting over time. 

Examine the joinery (the way pieces are connected) between drawers; stapling, gluing, or nailing joints won’t last as long because they can separate sooner than those made from kiln-dried wood, which defies splitting/peeling. Try to select only solid woods when buying for longer-lasting results.


Like most types of furniture for the home, when looking at the material used in the chest of drawers, you will find many to choose from. Take a wooden chest of drawers, for instance. You have a choice between solid wood and veneer or plywood styles. 

Solid wood is more expensive but lasts longer than veneer or plywood, which don’t last as long if they get damaged, so both may be seen as good value depending on what your needs are overall.


wood dresser

Dressers come in various styles to match your room’s theme, paint color, and décor. They should complement the environment rather than look out of place.

Dressers can be traditional with ornaments and carvings made from hardwood for an elegant style boost; modern variants have straight lines, while the contemporary dresser is plain looking with minimalistic design touches that work well with any type of decor scheme you may choose, especially if it’s minimalist.


Question: How Deep Should a Drawer Dresser Be?

Answer: Many different dressers are available, such as the standard six- to nine-drawer one that is waist tall and 36″ – 60″ wide. The number of drawers varies from 6 – 9; however, these can go too, so make sure you choose an option that works best for your bedroom size.

Question: What Can You Put on Your Drawer Dresser?

Answer: A tiny tray for your morning coffee and a planter with fresh flowers can top off the dresser. Add sentimental objects such as photos of loved ones or favorite vacations to make it more personal for extra decor.
However, keep in mind that you don’t want too much clutter on this part, so choose one main item per category mentioned above and have fun.

Question: What Size Drawer Slides Do I Need?

Answer: When you’re measuring, be sure to subtract the length of your drawer front from the total length. So if a desk has 20 ½ inch slides and your drawer is 19 inches long minus two on each side for clearance space equates to 17 1/2″ slide drawers being ideal.

Question: How do I Protect the Top of my Drawer Dresser?

Answer: Acrylic sheets should be placed on top of a dresser to protect it from scratches and spilled liquids. The sheet provides an extra layer that separates the surface finish from any damage or fluids, such as coffee or cosmetics.

Question: How Wide is a Drawer Double Dresser?

Answer: A typical dresser is about 60 by 20 by 30 inches, but this varies depending on personal preference. Dressers can range from as low as 26 inches all the way up to 44 inches tall and are typically made of wood with a natural or stained finish.


The quest for the perfect dresser is over. We found it. Three drawer dressers are a staple of any home, and we’ve narrowed down our favorites to help you find one today. Whether you’re after sleek Scandinavian design or traditional American charm, there’s something here for everyone.

With so many options available at different price points, whether your budget is big or small, we can guarantee that you’ll be able to find a three-drawer dresser that will work in your space and match your style preferences perfectly. 

We recommend the Delta Children’s three-drawer dresser because it’s versatile, durable, and elegant. The design has also employed some safety features making it a perfect fit for your baby’s room.

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