Best Wayfair Office Chairs Guide

Best Wayfair Office Chairs Guide: Which Model Suits You Best?

When you sit down in your workspace, you sure want to be comfortable so you can focus on your work. An office chair that is too hard or soft doesn’t support your back, shoulders, and neck, and makes you feel hot is just a distraction. It distracts you from being as productive as you can be, and it results in you feeling pain and discomfort, sometimes even after a short while of sitting in the chair. 

We’re sure you would rather work and sit as comfortably as you can, with no aches when you get up and move about your office or home. 

What is the best office chair on Wayfair? What should you look for? Should you take into account the upholstery or how ergonomic it is?  Our best Wayfair office chairs guide includes all of this information and much more! Finding the best Wayfair office chair for you will be as easy as counting 1, 2, 3. 

First up is a sneak peek into our top choices for office chairs that are available from Wayfair. 

At a Glance: 8 of the Best Wayfair Office Chairs 

Wayfair Office Chair  Best for… Key Features Available at… 
Apoloniusz Tufted Side Chair Best Classic Office Chair
  • Comes in 11 colors 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Comfortable with a foam-filled seat 
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Soule Task Chair Best Farmhouse-Chic Task Office Chair
  • Comes in 12 colors 
  • Can swivel and tilt
  • Seat height is adjustable 
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Louise Task Chair  Best Wingback-Inspired Office Chair 
  • Available in 16 colors
  • Can swivel and has casters 
  • Easily adjust the seat height 
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Penkridge Task Chair  Best Contemporary Office Chair 
  • Comes in 6 colors 
  • Has casters for easy mobility 
  • Small office footprint 
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Gayla Cross Back Side Chair  Best Wooden Office Chair 
  • Open-x back design 
  • Sturdy; made from solid wood 
  • 1-year warranty 
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Petra Conference Chair  Best Modern Office Chair 
  • Lumbar support 
  • Comes in 8 colors 
  • Great for smaller desks/offices 
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Lowndes Ergonomic Gaming Chair  Best Gaming Office Chair 
  • Lumbar and head support 
  • Armrests can be left down or flipped up 
  • 5-year warranty 
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Leaman Ergonomic Executive Chair  Best Ergonomic Office Chair 
  • Available in 4 frame colors options and 3 upholstery choices 
  • Offers lumbar support
  • Seat height is adjustable 
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Buyers Guide: What Do You Need to Know Before Buying an Office Chair

Best Wayfair Office Chairs Guide

There are a few considerations before choosing the best office chair on Wayfair for your office, whether you work remotely from home or at your workplace. Knowing what to look for in an office chair makes life a lot easier. 

Here are the 3 factors to keep in mind when choosing an office chair: 

Type of Office Chair 

When you type in “office chairs” in any search engine or Amazon, or you browse at your local furniture store, you may be quite overwhelmed by all the types of office chairs. In general, there are five: 

  • Task chairs can come in low-back, mid-back, and high-back varieties, all with and without armrests. Low-back task chairs are great if you get up frequently or sit for shorter stints. Mid-back task chairs usually have armrests and they provide support of the curve of your spine. High-back task chairs are the most comfortable if you sit for long periods at your workstation since your neck, shoulders, and back are supported. These chairs are great if your work area doesn’t have a lot of space. 
  • Executive chairs offer great back support. However, look and style is more important than how ergonomic these chairs are. 
  • Conference chairs generally have low backs and fixed armrests. While some conference chairs come with wheels, they don’t have a lot of adjustment options.
  • Ergonomic chairs are comfortable and supportive, and they have various adjustable elements. If you need to be sedentary and work for 8+ hours a day, then this chair is ideal for you. Features an ergonomic chair boasts include being made from a breathable, soft material, S-curved frame to support your back, adjustability of the backrest, armrest, and seat (and sometimes the headrest), lumbar support, and synchro-tilt.
  • Gaming chairs were created for those who spend many hours playing video games, thus, they are made for ultimate comfort. These chairs are usually available in flashier colors with built-in speakers and Bluetooth connectivity, fixed headrests, recline functionality, and lumbar support. 

Functionality and Adjustability 

While some office chairs don’t have wheels or casters and don’t come with all the bells and whistles, these chairs can be comfortable to sit on while you work (depending on what your needs and budget are). 

But if you want all (or some of) the trimmings, then there are office chairs that have various adjustment options where you can: 

  • Adjust the seat height; your thighs should be horizontal to the floor
  • Find a more comfortable seating and reclining position with tension and tilt control
  • Support your back with the back of the chair following the shape of your spine and adjust the chair to fit your lower back for optimum support 

If your office chair comes with adjustability features, you should also check out how easy these controls are to adjust. Can you reach them while seated? Do you have to strain to reach or adjust your chair? 

Some office chairs also come with swivel functionality and casters. Swiveling helps you reach all areas of your desk as you can rotate your chair. If your chair has casters, ensure they work with your flooring type; otherwise, you can invest in a chair mat


The upholstery of your office chair should be comfortable; after all, you are going to be sitting a lot. The material should not be itchy, scratchy, or something that’s too warm. A breathable material, like mesh, is a great option. 

However, if you want to exude confidence, luxury, and refinement, then leather is an excellent choice. Other popular fabric options are vinyl, polyurethane, and polyester; all of these are easy to clean and maintain, and they are durable. If you like the vintage look, opt for an office chair in velvet that is ergonomic. 

Moreover, the chair’s seat should be padded sufficiently. A chair that is too hard or soft to sit on isn’t comfortable nor do they provide support. 

Our Criteria for Choosing the Best Office Chairs on Wayfair

In selecting our top choices for the best Wayfair office chairs, we looked at: 


One of the first considerations was the functionality of the chair. This includes how ergonomic it is, whether it provides lumbar support and can tilt, swivel, and have casters. 


We went for variety here because we all prefer different styles, and no one’s decor tastes are the same. Most of the chairs on our list come in numerous color options, so when you find the style and type of chair you like, you just need to narrow down the color. Will you go for classy or something funky that makes you smile when you look at your chair? 

Customer Reviews

Of course, we only chose the best office chairs on Wayfair that have lots of positive reviews and the majority of the customers were satisfied with their purchase. 


Another factor we considered was how durable the office chair is. In this criterion, we looked at the maximum weight capacity of the office chair, how easy it is to clean and assemble, and the materials the chair is made of. 

The 8 Best Wayfair Office Chairs

With the considerations in mind when choosing the best Wayfair office chairs, here are our top choices: 

1. Apoloniusz Tufted Side Chair – Best Classic Office Chair

The Apoloniusz Tufted Side Chair by Red Barrel Studio is available in 11 colors. There’s beige, light gray, granite, azure, teal, laguna, wheatgrass, gray, Kelly green, brown, and orange. This accent chair is a classy addition to your desk or workstation, especially if your office area is on the small side. This chair won’t take up a lot of room and you won’t feel like the office space is too busy. 

With a traditional silhouette, the chair has a solid wood base and black legs. The upholstery is polyester with button tufting and antique copper nails on the outer edges of the chair. The seat is filled with foam, so you can sit comfortably while you are busy with Zoom meetings, typing an email (or a dozen), and doing other tasks. 

The chairs come in a natural wood grain color variation, meaning no grain color, finish, or wood knots are the same as a result of natural factors. Cleaning is also easy. Simply vacuum the upholstery, and if deep cleaning is required, mix 1 quart of warm water with 1 teaspoon of dishwashing detergent and 1 teaspoon of white vinegar. In a dabbing motion, clean the chair. 


  • Available in 11 colors so it fits in with any style and decor 
  • Tool-free, easy assembly 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Weight capacity: 286 pounds 
  • 1-year warranty 


  • Legs of the chair need to be tightened every now and then 
  • Some tall reviewers wish the chair had a taller back 

You can easily add a cushion for lumbar or lower back support while you sit on this chair and get some work done. 

2. Soule Task Chair – Best Farmhouse-Chic Task Office Chair

An office chair by Andover Mills, the Soule Task Chair comes in 12 color options, from blue, aqua, charcoal, and gray to natural, mint green, linen, and more. The Soule Task Chair comes with some mean features: it can center tilt and swivel and the seat height is adjustable from 19-23 inches. There is also extra padding in the seat to ensure you can sit comfortably for hours while you type away on your computer. 

The base of the office chair is metal with wood covers. The chair is covered in brushed polyester with button tufting and piped edges. You can also see the nailhead trim along the bottom front edge of the chair. The five hooded caster wheels are compatible with hardwood, concrete, tile, and carpet flooring. 


  • Can swivel, height adjust, and center tilt 
  • Ergonomic with extra seat padding and a high backrest and integrated arms
  • Durable as it’s made of solid wood 
  • Weight capacity: 275 pounds 


  • Some reviewers wish the chair had the option to lean back 
  • Directions for assembly are just images with no text instructions for putting the chair together 

Recommended for medium usage of 8 hours a day with good back support, you are sure to sit comfortably in the Soule Task Chair while focusing on your work. 

3. Louise Task Chair – Best Wingback-Inspired Office Chair

The Louise Task Chair by Kelly Clarkson Home is curated by the pop star Kelly Clarkson herself. The chair is available in 16 colors! You can choose between the blues (blue, navy, teal, and turquoise), the neutrals (tan, ivory, gray, charcoal, brown, and black), and the funky colors (pink, fuschia, yellow, red, purple, and green).

This task chair is ergonomic; you can adjust the height of the seat, you can swivel to reach things if you have a big desk, and the seat has extra padding, so you can sit in comfort while you reply to messages from your boss. 

The 5 casters that are fitted on gold-finished metal legs are compatible with concrete, hardwood, and tile flooring. Texture is added to the chair in the form of button-tufted details, and the upholstery is velvet, adding some old-world vintage charm to your office area. The task chair is created with a wingback chair in mind, but the back is more rounded and sloped, featuring recessed arms to add to the glam look. 


  • Durable as the seat is constructed from solid and manufactured wood 
  • Ergonomic, with padded foam seating, and swivel functionality 
  • Seat height can be adjusted from 18.5-21.5 inches 
  • Easy to clean; simply spot clean with a mild soap and damp cloth 
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds


  • May not be ideal for large persons 
  • Some reviewers find that the chair doesn’t support their back enough; they recommend simply adding a pillow or cushion to fix the problem 

Easy to assemble, this Kelly Clarkson task chair is the perfect fit for any office space, ya’ll. 

4. Penkridge Task Chair – Best Contemporary Office Chair

The Penkridge Task Chair by Wrought Studio is available in 6 upholstery colors, from white, beige, and black to blue, gray, and red. No matter which solid color you choose, you’ll add a touch of contemporary to your office space. The upholstery is channel-tufted PU leather, and the L-shaped seat and arched backrest offers support for your lower back. 

The 5-point base is chrome, and the casters come with plastic hoods, ensuring you are mobile enough to get around in your chair from one desk area to another. The height of the seat is adjustable with a lever-operated pneumatic lift column, so you can adjust your chair to your heart’s content to find the perfect height for your desk and PC monitor. 


  • Durable; the chair is constructed from iron/metal 
  • Can swivel 
  • Adjust the height of the seat from 18-22.5 inches 
  • Easy to clean; wipe the upholstery with a damp cloth 
  • Weight capacity: 200 pounds 


  • Some reviewers wish the backrest was able to recline 

The Penkridge Task Chair is ideal for a small office area so you can still move your desk with ease. It’s durable and comfy, and you can easily find the seat height that works for you! 

5. Gayla Cross Back Side Chair – Best Wooden Office Chair

Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse’s Gayla Cross Back Side Chair is available in 9 colors, from light gray, dark walnut, and black to natural, white, midnight blue, and more. The Gayla chair is versatile with its woven rattan upholstery and wood grain details. 

It features an open-X back and curved base, ensuring you won’t overheat while you sit and type away. This best wooden office chair adds sophistication to your workstation and it is ideal if you have a small work area. 


  • Durable; made from solid wood 
  • Lightweight chair; easy to move around 
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds 
  • 1-year warranty 


  • Not ideal if you need to sit for long periods 
  • Some reviewers complained that the chair legs were not level but felt chair protectors fixed this issue 

If your office is quite small and you only work in short stints, then this wooden chair is a great addition to your work space. 

6. Petra Conference Chair – Best Modern Office Chair


Zipcode Design created the Petra Conference Chair. It oozes trendiness and modernity. The conference chair is available in 8 colors: black, bright green, gray, orange, red, white, brown, and tan. So you can choose whether to go classy and understated or add splashes of bright color to liven up your office. 

The upholstery is PU vinyl, so it’s easy to clean. The Petra Conference Chair is ergonomic; it provides lumbar support with the padded square seat and mid-back. It also features a swivel action and casters if you need to be mobile around your workstation. 


  • Made from steel, so the chair is durable and sturdy 
  • Ergonomic with lumbar support 
  • Casters and swivel functionality 
  • Seat height is adjustable: 18-22 inches 
  • Weight capacity: 331 pounds 


  • You can get hot if you sit on PU vinyl for too long 

Easy to assemble and clean, and just the right fit for smaller office desks, the Petra Conference Chair is a must-have. 

7. Lowndes Ergonomic Gaming Chair – Best Gaming Office Chair

Another office chair by Zipcode Design, the Lowndes Ergonomic Gaming Chair is not the oddball in our selection of the best Wayfair office chairs. After all, gaming chairs are made for comfort and long hours of sitting, so they are actually perfect for your workstation too! 

The Lowndes Ergonomic Gaming Chairs are two-toned in a race car style. The principal color is black, and then there are 10 other colors to choose from: blue, gray, green, pink, purple, red, red/white, white, black, and midnight. So you still have more demure options for that classy look, or you can opt for a more colorful addition to your desk. The upholstery is made from SofThread leather and mesh to create that modern look. 

With high-performance in comfort, this gaming chair features a high back, contoured segmented padding, an integrated headrest, and thickly padded armrests that can be left down and used for support or flipped up if you need more movement. The chair also provides lumbar support, tilt-lock/tilt-tension control, 360-degree swivel, and seat height adjustment. 


  • Ergonomic 
  • Seat height adjustability
  • Casters are compatible with linoleum, carpet, tile, and hardwood flooring 
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds 
  • 5-year limited warranty 


  • Assembly may be tricky 

If you are looking for the ultimate ergonomic chair, this gaming chair is it. Sit for long hours while you work and know your back, shoulders, arms, neck, and head are supported. 

8. Leaman Ergonomic Executive Chair – Best Ergonomic Office Chair

The Leaman Ergonomic Executive Chair by Upper Square is only available in 4 frame colors (gold, chrome, rose gold, and black) and 3 upholstery options (white, gray, and black). With lumbar support, a tilt lock, casters, and swivel action, this executive chair is ergonomic, so you can sit comfortably while you attend your Zoom meetings. 

The chair is constructed with a steel frame. It has a 5-star base in polished chrome that comes with double-wheel casters so you can move around your office with ease. The seat is a waterfall design and the back is padded with foam, so you can sit comfortably. The tilt lock ensures you find a nice position and the lumbar support prevents back fatigue. 


  • Durable with a steel frame and faux leather upholstery 
  • Ergonomic with lumbar support 
  • Casters are compatible with concrete, tile, and carpet flooring 
  • Height of the seat is adjustable: 18.25-22.25 inches 
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds 


  • Some reviewers wish there was more padding in the seat of the chair 

This ergonomic executive chair is easy to assemble and clean, and it fits in perfectly with any office space. 


Question: How do I choose a good desk chair? 

Answer: Choosing a good desk chair means looking at a few factors. Consider if the chair: 
• Can be adjusted in terms of height 
• Has armrests and how high/low and comfortable these are 
• Properly supports your back and neck 
• Is made from a breathable material 
• Has a seat that is at a depth and width that’s comfortable 
• Has backrests that are adjustable 

Question: How should you sit in an office chair? 

Answer: When you sit in an office chair, maintain the correct desk chair posture. This means that your shoulders, spine, and neck should be straight; slumping, curving, or protruding these body parts only leads to stiffness and aches, and pain. 

You can also do posture exercises every 30 minutes to increase blood flow. If you have time, go for a power walk, do basic yoga, and do foam roller exercises. If you are short on time, you can get out of your chair and move a bit away from your chair and desk and do some simple stretches, take a walk to get some tea or water or climb a staircase or two. 

Question: Should your office chair have armrests? 

Answer: There is no easy answer here. The benefits of your office chair having armrests means that there is support for your upper limbs and reduced stress on your lower back while you are seated. 

However, armrests can also lead to contact stress on your forearm and cause shoulder shrugging. If your chair is at the right height to your desk where your elbows are at desk height, then you don’t need armrests. 

If your office chair has armrests, use these throughout the day when you are taking a break, answering or making a call, chatting to a coworker, or reading an email or document. 

Question: What is the best way to sit at a desk all day? 

Answer: Here are a few tips to sit in the right position at your desk, whether you are sitting for a short stint or the whole day: 

• Support your back to reduce back pain; ensure your back is slightly higher than your knees 
• Adjust your office chair; keep your elbows by the sides of your body and your wrists and forearms should be level to the floor when typing on your keyboard 
• Place your feet on the floor or use a footrest 
• Ensure your computer screen is level with your eyes and an arm’s length away 
• Place your keyboard in front of you
• Position your mouse or trackpad to be close to you 
• Ensure your screen doesn’t reflect sunlight or overhead lighting 
• Take breaks regularly; stand up and stretch and move around for a few minutes 

Question: Are high back chairs better? 

Answer: High back chairs are better if you sit for a long period. These kinds of chairs provide better support for your neck, shoulders, and the whole of your back. Generally, chairs with high backs come with more options to adjust how you sit, which means that you can sit more comfortably for a prolonged time. 

Question: Do you really need an ergonomic chair? 

Answer: At your workstation, your chair is one of the most important comfort factors. An ergonomic chair offers many benefits, from improving your posture, which is better for your back, neck, and shoulders, to reducing the discomfort that comes from being sedentary for long hours. 

However, the type of desk you have, where your computer monitor and keyboard are placed, the position of your legs and feet, and the keyboard and mouse or trackpad you use all contribute to how productive you are and how comfortably you work. 

The Best Wayfair Office Chair Verdict

The best Wayfair office chair depends on how favorable the reviews are for customers who’ve purchased and tried out the chair, as well as how functional and ergonomic it is, the features the chair comes with, the style and color options, and durability. 

The ideal office chair should be ergonomic, meaning it supports your back, neck, shoulders, and head so you can sit for hours and type away in comfort. The best office chairs should also be easy to assemble and clean and made from a durable material.

Our top pick for the best Wayfair office chair is the Apoloniusz Tufted Side Chair because it is available in 11 colors, works in any office space (even small ones), is easy to clean and assemble, and comes with a 1-year warranty. 

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