Best Wicker Egg Chair Ideas Guide: Which Is The Best Option For Your Home?

Looking for a unique furniture piece to add to your patio, lounge, or a beautiful spot in your garden where you can literally smell the roses? Or perhaps something intriguing has caught your eye (and steal your heart)? 

A wicker egg chair is an answer. 

An egg chair provides you with your own little microcosm, a world within a world where you can spend time to reflect inwardly and connect with yourself—in style and comfort!—while still being part of the outside world. If the egg chair is made from wicker, which is strong, durable, and weather-resistant, you can lounge with peace of mind (in your egg chair) since you don’t need to worry about your precious egg chair and leaving it outdoors. 

What is the best wicker egg chair? There are so many options on the market; how do you choose? With our buyer’s guide, we’ll tell you exactly what to look for so you can easily find the wicker egg chair that’s perfect for you. 

But hold on! We have the best Wicker egg chair ideas right here. 

At a Glance: 8 of the Best Wicker Egg Chairs 

Egg Chair  Best for… Key Features Available at… 
Southport Patio Egg Chair Best Overall Wicker Egg Chair 
  • Rust resistant 
  • Comfortable cushions 
  • Max weight capacity of 250 pounds 
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Mahaffey Porch Swing Best Swing Wicker Egg Chair 
  • Available in 3 colors 
  • Durable and comfortable 
  • Max weight capacity of 265 pounds 
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Palazzo Wicker Teardrop Chair Brown/Orange Best Teardrop-Shaped Wicker Egg Chair 
  • Charming intricate grid design 
  • Max weight capacity of 250 pounds 
  • Water-resistant cushions 
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Casey Outdoor Wicker Hanging Basket Chair  Best Contemporary Wicker Egg Chair
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Available in a black outer and gray cushions 
  • Cushion fabric is water resistant 
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Luckyberry Egg Chair Outdoor Indoor Wicker Tear Drop Hanging Chair With Stand  Best Max Weight Capacity Wicker Egg Chair 
  • 330 max weight capacity 
  • Brown outer frame and light brown cushions 
  • Sturdy with its iron frame 
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Teamson Home Wicker Coastal Boho Teardrop Patio Egg Chair  Best for Cleaning Wicker Egg Chair 
  • Durable with a steel frame and wicker wrap 
  • Large seat area 
  • Great if you are tall 
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Barton Hanging Egg Swing Chair UV-Resistant Soft Cushion Large Basket Patio Seating  Best UV-Resistant Wicker Egg Chair
  • Comfortable with 6-inch cushion 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Max weight capacity of 265 pounds 
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Island Gale Luxury 2 Person Outdoor, Patio, Hanging Wicker Swing Chair  Best Wicker Egg Chair for Couples 
  • Available in 2 colors
  • X-large seating space 
  • Max weight capacity of 528 pounds 
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What Is a Wicker Egg Chair?

Wicker Egg Chair

A wicker egg chair is an egg chair that is made with wicker so that you can use it outside and not worry about the weather causing damage.  The egg chair was designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in Denmark’s capital in 1958. While the chair was unique for the time period, it quickly became a timeless piece of furniture that fits in with any space, design, and decor. 

There are different styles of egg chairs available; however, in wicker, there are the free-standing wicker egg chairs and the swing wicker egg chairs. 

Buyers Guide: What Do You Need to Know Before Buying a Wicker Egg Chair

When you relax outside in your wicker egg chair, you want to ensure you buy the best chair for your needs. Here are the top considerations you should keep in mind: 


Egg chairs come in a wide variety of styles. Most are single-seaters, but there are a few on the market that’s ideal for a loveseat.  Wicker comes in many colors, from brown and black to gray and white. The cushions also come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so you can go classy with gray or navy or funky with neon orange or jade. 

With wicker egg chairs, you can add extra pillows, cushions, and throws to make your cocoon space even more comfortable and inviting. 


In general, egg chairs are compatible with both inside and outside spaces, whether they are wrapped in wicker or not. So, if you want a wicker egg chair for your bedroom, study, or lounge, wicker is versatile enough to fit in with your decor and house style. The same is applicable for your outside area. 

Since wicker is made for wear and tear and to be resistant to water, you can place your egg chair by the side of the pool, chill when the urge hits, and leave your egg chair there even if it rains. 


The frame of the wicker egg chair determines how sturdy the piece of furniture is and how long it will last. Most frames for wicker egg chairs are made from metal or iron; however, there are also some that are made from steel or aluminum. All of these materials are known to be long-lasting in terms of durability. 

Seat Cushions 

Egg Chair

A crucial aspect of an egg chair is the comfort as it is a place where you want to be cocooned and chill for hours. Look at what the cushions are stuffed with, as a high-density cushioned seat will be more comfortable than a normal sponge or something that wears out soon. 

Some egg chairs also provide a headrest cushion, which is important if you want or need to sit in an upright position. Other chairs also come with cushions that support you on all sides—your bottom, sides, and back. 

Weight Capacity 

Most egg chairs, especially those that are of the swing variety, come with a maximum weight capacity. Most wicker egg chairs are single-seaters, and the weight capacity ranges between 250-300 pounds. 

Look for a chair that is suitable for your weight so you can sit in comfort while knowing you are safe. 


Wicker is easy to clean. You can easily just wipe the egg chair frame with a damp cloth. 

If your wicker egg chair frame needs a heavier cleaning session, firstly remove the cushions. Mix 2 cups of warm water with ¼ cup of liquid dishwashing soap. Wipe the furniture with this solution or wash it with a sponge dipped in this all-purpose cleaning mix. Then, with a garden hose, rinse off the soapy suds. 

If you find mold or mildew on your furniture, add a cup of white vinegar to the cleaning solution.  The cushions may not be so easy to clean. Some fabrics are water-resistant, but if you want to look after your cushions, it may be best to bring this inside if your wicker egg chair is placed outside. 

Some cushions also feature a zip, so you simply unzip it and remove the cover. You can wash the cover in your washing machine, air dry it, and then put the cover back. 

The 8 Best Wicker Egg Chair Ideas

The features detailed above give you an exact idea of what wicker egg chairs are the best so you can make an informed decision. Here are our top choices: 

1. Southport Patio Egg Chair – Best Overall Wicker Egg Chair 

Southport Patio Egg Chair

The Southport Patio Egg Chair by Opalhouse is ideal if you want ultimate comfort while sitting in your own cocoon. It is both comfortable and stylish since it’s available in all-weather wicker and 4 fabric options: jade, coral, black/white, and white linen. 

The back and side cushions are thick, so you can sink into the chair or curl up while you read your favorite novel. The DuraSeason Fabric cushions are made from 100% recycled poly fabric, and they are also fade and water-resistant. 

So if you leave your wicker egg chair outside, you don’t need to worry about sun or water damage. However, that isn’t to say this chair doesn’t go well in a room inside your house, because it can totally work in your bedroom, lounge, or study. 


  • Rust resistant 
  • Holds up to 250 pounds 
  • Cushions support you from all angles, ensuring you can sit, curl up, or nap in comfort 
  • Easy to assemble 


  • Some reviewers say that bits of the plastic twine snap easily 
  • No options to buy replacement cushions 

The Southport Patio Egg Chair is a larger egg chair, so it surely makes a statement in any space it is placed. With comfort and style, you are sure to spend hours of bliss in this wicker egg chair. 

2. Mahaffey Porch Swing – Best Swing Wicker Egg Chair 

Mahaffey Porch Swing

The Mahaffey Porch Swing by Dakota Fields is available in 3 colors: Brown, gray, and beige. With these color options, the swing egg chair works with any decor and style. The steel frame is wrapped in a polyethylene rattan resin wicker, so it is smooth to the touch, weather-resistant, durable, and resilient. 

For your comfort, there is a soft headrest cushion and a wrapped seat cushion so you can sit comfortably and enjoy feeling weightless in this swing egg chair. 


  • Durable 
  • Weather-resistant 
  • Weight limit: 265 pounds 


  • The stand is not included and needs to be purchased separately 
  • Needs adult and professional installation 

Made from high-quality materials, durability and comfort is ensured with this basket-style, boho-chic swing egg chair. It’s a great addition to your outside space; however, for a pop of eccentricity and color, it works well in a bedroom or lounge too. 

3. Palazzo Wicker Teardrop Chair Brown/Orange – Best Teardrop-Shaped Wicker Egg Chair 

Palazzo Wicker Teardrop Chair

The Palazzo Wicker Teardrop Chair by Christopher Knight Homes adds an aura of modernity and a splash of funky color to your space, whether it is indoors or outdoors. The frame of the wicker egg chair boasts an intricate grid design that is quite charming. 

The cushions are plush and water-resistant, so you can spend hours curled up in comfort while you lounge by the pool or on your patio with Netflix on your iPad. 


  • All-weather wicker so it is water-resistant
  • Cushions are water-resistant
  • Sturdy with an iron frame 
  • Holds up to 250 pounds 
  • Comes with a 90-day limited warranty 


  • Only available in bright orange cushions
  • Quite a bit of assembly is required but you can opt to buy Patio Chair Assembly services from Target, ensuring your egg chair installation is professionally done 

For a bit of spunk, this wicker egg chair is made for the outdoors. You can chill in style for hours with the Palazzo Wicker Teardrop Chair. 

4. Casey Outdoor Wicker Hanging Basket Chair – Best Contemporary Wicker Egg Chair 

Casey Outdoor

The Casey Outdoor Wicker Hanging Basket Chair by Noble House is ideal for your garden, patio, or backyard. The base is included and the chair is made from polyethylene wicker that is wrapped around the steel frame. The material of the cushion is water-resistant, so you can leave your chair outside, worry-free. 

In black and grey, this basket-style hanging egg chair looks classy and fits it with any outdoor area. 


  • Base is included 
  • Water-resistant cushion fabric 
  • All-weather wicker outer 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Sturdy and comfortable 


  • Only available in 1 color option 
  • Some reviewers reported that the stand/base wasn’t sent with the egg chair; they do come in 2 boxes according to other reviews 

In class and style, you can enjoy an afternoon lazing around in this basket egg chair, and when the rain arrives, you can run inside, knowing your chair will be safe. 

5. Luckyberry Egg Chair Outdoor Indoor Wicker Tear Drop Hanging Chair with Stand – Best Max Weight Capacity Wicker Egg Chair 

Luckyberry Egg Chair

With a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds, the Luckyberry Egg Chair is available in one color option. The outer PE wicker wrap is brown and the inside cushions are a light coffee brown. The seat cushions are made from polyester that is UV-resistant and waterproof. 

The Luckyberry egg chair is a great option for tall people. It sports a curved dome design for additional headspace, so the interior space is bigger. This allows those who are tall to sit more comfortably in the wicker egg chair. 


  • Max weight capacity of 330 pounds 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Waterproof and UV-resistant cushions 
  • Easy to clean PE wicker outer 
  • Sturdy iron frame 


  • Need power tools to help you with the assembly 
  • Available in only one color 

On this list of the best wicker egg chairs, the Luckyberry has the highest maximum weight capacity and it is also a good egg chair if you are tall with the inclusive headspace design. 

6. Teamson Home Wicker Coastal Boho Teardrop Patio Egg Chair – Best for Cleaning Wicker Egg Chair

Wicker Egg Chair

The Teamson Home Wicker Coastal Boho Teardrop Patio Egg Chair is available in a white outer shell and navy blue cushions. It’s perfect if you want to add that ocean or beach vacation look to your outside garden area, patio, or even your study. Better yet, the egg chair is lightweight, so you can easily pick it up and move it to where you want to cocoon yourself for the day. 

The wicker egg chair is in a teardrop shape. For weight support, the frame is made from steel and then wrapped in wicker. The cushions are water-resistant and plush. They are also super easy to clean as you simply unzip them and wash them. 


  • Oversized design and wide opening, so ideal if you are tall 
  • Large seat area so you can sit or curl up in comfort (and style)
  • Cushions are made from a water-resistant fabric 
  • The wicker and steel frame is made to last 
  • Stylish with the teardrop shape 
  • Exudes coastal elegance 


  • Relatively easy to put together according to reviewers 
  • Some reviewers wish the egg chair came with a footstool 

For elegance and a touch of calm coastal beauty, you can curl up in comfort in this wicker egg chair and dream of vacations with sand and clear crystal blue waters. 

7. Barton Hanging Egg Swing Chair UV-Resistant Soft Cushion Large Basket Patio Seating – Best UV-Resistant Wicker Egg Chair 

barton hanging egg swing

The Barton Hanging Egg Swing Chair by Barton is stylish and chic, whether you place it indoors or outdoors. Available with beige cushions, it easily fits into your home decor, and you can add splashes of color with pillows and throws. 


  • Super comfortable with the 6-inch soft deep fluffy cushion and headrest pillow that’s filled with a polyester fiberfill core 
  • Safe and sturdy with the steel frame and rattan resin wicker wrap 
  • Easy to assemble with instructions that are included 
  • Swing is included 
  • Maximum weight capacity of 265 pounds 


  • Only available in beige 

For ultimate comfort, the Barton Hanging Egg Swing Chair is a great addition to your home. While the cushions only come in beige, it has the benefit of fitting in with any indoor or outdoor space. 

8. Island Gale Luxury 2 Person Outdoor, Patio, Hanging, Wicker Swing Chair – Best Wicker Egg Chair for Couples

Island Gale Luxury

The Island Gale Luxury 2 Person Wicker Swing Chair is available in 2 colors: charcoal wicker with a latte cushion and latte wicker with a charcoal cushion. The wicker egg chair is a 2-seater, but it provides ample x-large seating space so you and your loved one can sit in any position. 

The frame is solid, powder-coated steel, so it is UV and rust-resistant. The cushions are filled with breathable soft cotton, and the cushion covers are made from Outdoor fabric. 


  • No assembly is required; simply fix the poles on the base and hang the egg chair 
  • Instructions and assembly tools are included 
  • 2-seater egg chair with a max weight capacity of 528 pounds


  • It’s pricey, but it is a 2-seater hanging wicker egg chair 

If you prefer to curl up next to someone instead of sitting by yourself, then this Island Gale wicker egg chair is ideal for you, whether you add it to your balcony, patio, garden, or indoor space. 


Question: Are swinging egg chairs comfy? 

Answer: How comfortable a swinging egg chair depends on the depth of the seating area. Generally, deeper egg chairs are more comfortable. They encapsulate you, making you feel as if you are sitting in your own little world. You can also take throws, pillows, and cushions to enhance how comfortable the egg chair is. 

Question: Are egg chairs in style? 

Answer: Egg chairs will probably always be in style; they’ve never gone out of style since The Egg was designed in 1958 for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. Egg chairs are timeless and the perfect chair where form and function unite. Your egg chair is a statement of both style and comfort. 

Question: Why are egg chairs so popular? 

Answer: Part of the reason egg chairs are popular is that they are always in style. You can add any egg chair to any room in your house and you can also place an egg chair on your patio, beside the pool, or on your lawn. Eggs chairs offer an inviting space and they add an aura of ultimate chicness to any space, whether it is inside or outside. 

Question: What are the benefits of wicker? 

Answer: Wicker furniture is very durable and strong, whether it is made from bamboo, reed, or rattan. Some wicker furniture is made from resin wicker, which is also called all-weather wicker. 
The wicker material is woven or wrapped around a frame that is usually made from iron or steel, and this further improves the durability and toughness of the furniture. Wicker furniture can also be waterproofed so you can leave your outside furniture outside and not worry about rain damaging it. 

Question: How long will wicker last outside?

Answer: If your furniture is made from wicker, like a wicker egg chair, it can easily last 10-15 years. Synthetic wicker, like all-weather wicker (or resin wicker) is more durable, stronger, and easy to maintain than natural wicker. All-weather wicker is mold, mildew, fade, stain, and water-resistant. 

The Best Wicker Egg Chair Verdict

The best wicker egg chair for you depends on what colors and style you want and if it should hang or stand. Also, consider the weight capacity and if you want a 1-seater or double-seater egg chair. 

The ideal wicker egg chair should be sturdy, easy to assemble, and beyond comfortable when you sit and chill in it. 

Our top pick for the best wicker egg chair is the Southport Patio Egg Chair that comes in 4 colors in a fade and water-resistant fabric. The Southport wicker egg chair is also sturdy, comfortable with cushions supporting you from all angles, and easy to assemble. 

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