best chair and a half with ottoman

Best Chair And A Half With Ottoman

American architect Frank Lloyd Wright said that the perception of “form follows function has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union” and nowhere are this more apparent than in the design of the chair and a half classical furniture piece. 

These one-and-a-half-sized chairs are the pinnacles of comfort. Whether you want to recline in one ottoman or simply luxuriate in the extra space, the chair and a half are a must-have for any discerning homeowner. Adding to this comfort and design appeal, you can now choose a chair and a half with a matching ottoman! I’ve never been more excited about a design option than I was as a kid with my first beanbag chair. 

In rooms with too little space for two-seater couches or even a chaise longue, the chair and a half is an ideal compromise.

Using less floor space while offering superb comfort and functionality, the chair and a half and combo is stylish and uber inviting. Match this combo with your existing furniture or create a feature corner or reading nook by creating a focal point in your home—the options are endless. 

Selection Criteria for Our Chair and a Half Top Picks

There is a whole range of oversized chairs on the market, and while these may seem to fit the chair and a half tag, these won’t make it into our specialized best chair and a half with an ottoman list. Here’s why—we only choose the best of the best. The chair and a half with ottoman options in this buyer’s guide all meet the following criteria:


With clean lines, your chair and a half’s design can create a powerful statement piece of furniture. We choose design options that are not limited by specific patterning or style requirements. Instead, we’ve found that going big can help you achieve the comfort and design you desire. 


Whichever design you consider, comfort comes first. This means choosing a chair and a half design that has ample padding, strong spring boxed seats, and multi-layered stuffing to achieve a soft touch while remaining sturdy enough to carry you and your partner if you choose to share the seat. 

As part of the comfort of the seat, you would want to choose a design that is comfortable in terms of not having sharp corners or hard lines that can potentially hurt you when you sit. Having a seat that is at the right height is also essential to help you feel comfortable and not like you’re falling into the seat or struggling to get out of it. 


The reason for having a seat and a half is to have a comfortable seat that is larger than a standard seat. Therefore, the functionality of the seat and a half is important to keep this seat practical and useful.

Buying a piece of furniture simply because you like it, but will never sit in it, is not the right motivation for the purchase. Luckily, the seat and a half seats in this guide all have a highly functional design, making them great choices. 

Matching Ottoman

While the seat and a half are great for extra seating or lounging space, having the added support of an ottoman for your feet is pure heaven. Having a matching ottoman will make your experience of owning a seat and a half so much more satisfying and complete.

There is a catch to the matching ottoman though. Ensure the ottoman is not too tall to comfortably sit on the chair and a half when your feet are up on the ottoman. Too tall and your legs will get tired; too short and your hips will start to ache. 

Fabric Care 

The upholstery fabric of the chair and a half is what you will be in contact with when you sit in your comfortable seat. This means you need to find a chair and a half that’s been upholstered in quality fabric by expert upholsterers. We recommend choosing something that doesn’t stain, pill, or stretch. Choosing a chair and a half in leather, 100% cotton, or linen is a good investment as these are fairly easy-care fabric choices. 

Best Chair and a Half With Ottoman—Overview

Chair and a Half With Ottoman Characteristics 
Most Stylish Chair and a Half With Ottoman – Christopher Knight Home Ophelia Club Chair and Ottoman Set, Blue, Dark Brown
  • Available in three colors 
  • Sturdy design
  • Extended seat depth with ottoman
Most Innovative Outdoors Chair and a Half With Ottoman – Norris Patio Chair with Cushion and Ottoman
  • Outdoors design
  • Made with genuine wood
  • Sloping design for ottoman to increase comfort 
Top Lazy Style Chair and a Half With Ottoman – GOLDSUN Velvet Fabric Lazy Reclining Chair 
  • Sturdy metal frame 
  • Padded headrest for added comfort
  • Velvet high tensile strength fabric that is tear-resistant
Most Classic Chair and a Half With Ottoman – Heywood 32.5” Wide Tufted Armchair and Ottoman
  • Two stylish color choices
  • Nailhead trim for extra finesse 
  • Tufted design for extra plumpness to padding
Best and Largest Full-Leather Chair and a Half With Ottoman – Traditional Chair and a Half With Nailhead Trim From the Silverado Collection
  • Upholstered with 100% top grain leather
  • Wooden frame
  • Extra-wide 52-inch seat
Best Down-Filled Chair and a Half With Optional Ottoman – Bliss Down-Filled Chair-and-a-Half 
  • Down-filled upholstery 
  • Seat and back cushions are removable
  • 46-inch width for seat

How to Choose the Best Comfort Chair

Before launching into our list of the best chair and a half with ottomans, we wanted to help you understand just what to look for when choosing a comfortable chair like the ones in this guide. 

Each of us has our own idea of comfort. While some people like a soft seat, others prefer a firm seat. While you may love rolled arms, others far prefer the lightweight finish of a low-arm support chair. We need to each choose according to our own taste, height, and weight. 

Choosing for your taste is a no-brainer. We all have a rough idea of what we like, so this one shouldn’t be difficult. Your height will also influence whether you find the chair comfortable or not. Perhaps you are really short, in which case you wouldn’t like needing to jump up onto the seat. Instead, choose a chair and a half that is at the height of your knees. If you don’t sit comfortably on the chair in the showroom, you surely won’t sit comfortably on it at home. 

Each chair will come with a recommended weight limit, but if you are somewhat overweight you may prefer to sit on chairs that are sturdy enough to carry a little more load. If you are tall and built like a rake, you can probably sit quite comfortably in a seat that has minimal padding. The average person, on the other hand, prefers to sit on a chunky chair and a half. What are your preferences? How do you choose a chair?

Benefits of a Chair and a Half

There are several reasons to choose a chair and a half over a loveseat or a two-seater or even a simple chair. A chair and a half:

Is Comfortable 

With the thick and luxurious padding and extra width for a fuller seat, a chair and a half is a dream to rest your body in. It is perfect for sitting in multiple positions, from propping your feet up on the ottoman to hanging a knee over the side. Comfort is the whole point. 

Is Larger Than a Chair, But Smaller Than a Couch

With the added width and a deeper seat, a chair and half are large enough to be really comfortable and let you rest for hours—we sit for over a quarter of the day. Being smaller than a couch, it takes up less space while being a statement in comfort and design suave. 

Comes With an Ottoman 

Ottomans are so incredibly amazing, and what’s best about the ottomans that come with a chair and a half is their unique height. Usually, these ottomans are at just the right height to allow for comfortable reclining, placing no additional pressure on your hips or knees, while supporting your legs so you can snooze or simply relax. 

Is Practical 

Having a comfortable seating area in your home is the epitome of practicality, but sometimes a  chair and a half come with additional features such as built-in bookshelves on the sides or extra storage space in the ottoman, which makes them great buys on the practical front.

Keeping Your Chair and a Half Ever-New

Daily Cleaning 

To keep your chair and a half neat and ensure longevity, you should clean it daily. This means using the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to give it a good cleaning every day. We suggest keeping your portable hand vac in a nearby storage closet and then just whipping it out and giving your seat a good vacuum before you turn in for the night. That way, you’ll know you haven’t left any crumbs or dust or particles on the upholstery—and let’s be honest, a chair and a half is a great snack spot, so vacuuming up the crumbs is a great idea. 

Weekly Fluffing 

Depending on the type of upholstery of your chair and a half, you may need to remove a loose seat and fluff it by firmly slapping both sides of the cushioning. This realigns the padding, evens out the proverbial “seat” marks, and it gives your chair and a half a smooth appearance. 

Spot Treatment 

With any furniture item, spot treatment is essential to prevent stains. Keep a high-quality upholstery spot treatment handy to clean up the occasional drop of wine or greasy mark before it becomes an ingrained stain. In a pinch, you can also use some warm water and dishwashing liquid, but read your manufacturer’s care instructions carefully too.

Climate Control 

Depending on the type of upholstery, you may need to keep your chair and a half away from harsh light. Direct sunlight will bleach and fade most types of upholstery, so always be careful to close the blind against the morning sunlight to keep the upholstery perfect and streak-free. 

Every Chair for Its Own Purpose

A chair and a half are really functional, but there are some things you shouldn’t use them for. Standing on the ottoman is not advisable. While it won’t break, it will damage the upholstery and padding. Likewise, don’t place things on the chair that may leave marks such as heavy stacks of books or sharp objects. 

Buyer’s Guide of the Top 6 Chair and a Half With Ottomans

Most Stylish Chair and a Half With Ottoman

The Christopher Knight Home Ophelia Club Chair and Ottoman Set, Blue, Dark Brown is a really classic-looking chair. Available in navy blue, gray, and wheat color with dark brown legs, this seat and a half is a real eye-catcher. The attention to detail makes this a winner for any home décor scheme. 

With button tufting on the seatback, silver finish nailhead trim, and diamond folded detail, this is a comfortable expression of elegance. Handcrafting of the nailheads and individual attention to detail make this chair and a half a quality investment. 

While the seat is at a width of only 34 inches, the armrests slope outward, enlarging the seating area to give it a seat and a half status. The matching ottoman further increases the seat size for a total seat length of 55 inches. 

The 100% polyester upholstery is long-wearing and will sustain gentle cleaning, while you can also apply a fabric guard spray to make it stain repellent. 

Most Innovative Outdoors Chair and a Half With Ottoman

This is a real winner, and we can’t wait to order ours! The Norris Patio Chair with Cushion and Ottoman by Sand and Stable on Wayfair offers comfort and sleek design for outdoor spaces. Who says you need to have your chair and a half indoors? This outdoor option is great!

Made from genuine acacia wood, upholstered in gray polyester blend fabric to be water retardant and UV resistant, this is ideal for that deck you’ve just built or around the pool. The cushions are detachable, making cleaning a breeze.

The open frame structure gives you additional space and reclining options when you relax in this chair and a half. Best of all, the ottoman is designed to slope away from the main chair, giving your hips a break and taking pressure off the pelvis when you sit in the chair. It also makes it a great chair to sit in when having a tan. 

The cushions are comfortably padded with foam, and the seat has a weight capacity of 300 pounds while the ottoman can support 200 pounds. This is great if you want to share the chair and a half with a friend or your four-legged friend. 

Note that there will be some assembly required, but apart from lining up different joints, this is a breeze to put together and enjoy. 

Top Lazy Style Chair and a Half With Ottoman

The whole idea behind a chair and a half is comfort, being able to lounge about in your own not-so-little seat, and simply relax. The GOLDSUN Velvet Fabric Lazy Reclining Chair on Amazon is just such a chair. 

With careful attention to the detail of the upholstery and fabric quality, this is a real winner for the slightly larger occupant. The fabric is a soft touch velvet, and with high tensile strength, you need not worry about accidentally ripping the fabric. 

Balance this with the high-quality steel frame, and you’ve got a winner. The chair can support an amazing 350 pounds, and it is also fully portable, so you can literally move you’re larger than life chair with you if you’re having a cat nap in the sun. 

While there have been consumer reports that the chair doesn’t come with all the necessary screws for assembly, it is still an easy fix and most screws will fit. This is a small negative, considering that most Amazon reviews confirm just how comfortable this chair is, so don’t be surprised if you doze off. 

The velvet fabric upholstery is polyester, and the foam-padded cushions offer a sink-into feeling that is complemented by the padded headrest. As a final practical treat, there is a built-in storage pocket to keep books, magazines, or remote controls on the side of the chair. 

Most Classic Chair and a Half With Ottoman

For that classical statement both in design and color, the Heywood 32.5” Wide Tufted Armchair and Ottoman by Willa Arlo Interiors on Wayfair is ideal. Available in two stylish colors, gray and white, with stylish button tufting and nailhead trim, this chair and a half is a great addition to any home. 

The lowered armrests and slanted arms allow for better and more comfortable seating. The polyester blend fabric of the upholstery is made from 70% polyester, 9% linen, and 21% acrylic, making the upholstery stain and liquid repellent. This makes cleaning your Heywood tufted armchair a breeze. 

With a weight capacity of 250 pounds, the Heywood is not the best weight carrier on the market, but it is certainly one of the most stylish. The rubberwood frame will ensure you don’t fall through the chair seat, while the web suspension will keep each seat secure and springy enough to be comfortable. 

Customer reviews have indicated that the seat is quite firm on this classic chair and a half, but this is to be expected and with a little breaking in, you should have an enjoyable and comfortable seat in no time. 

Best and Largest Full-Leather Chair and a Half With Ottoman

Having a 100% leather furniture item in your home is a real investment and offers quality that is hard to beat. The Traditional Chair and a Half With Nailhead Trim From the Silverado Collection by Steve Silver on Northeast Factory Direct is a great all-leather option. 

With a large, plush 52 inch wide seat, this is bound to become your favorite place to hang out. 

Finished with a large, brass nailhead trim to complement the caramel full-grain leather upholstery, this seat and a half is a real classic. The down-filled accent cushions complete the look, and the dark-stained wooden chair legs provide an elegant lift. The loose seat back cushion helps with cleaning up and fluffing when required. 

You can expect a sturdy weight carrying capacity with this seat and a half with its hardwood frame and pocketed coils to support the seat. The ample rolled arms will securely cushion you as you sit or recline in this deep seat and enjoy the sheer elegance of the Silverado Collection chair and a half. 

Best Down-Filled Chair and a Half With Optional Ottoman

While getting an ottoman included is a great deal, this set is bound to catch your eye, and you won’t mind paying a bit extra for the matching ottoman. The Bliss Down-Filled Chair-and-a-Half on West Elm offers pure hand-crafted quality and enjoyment. 

Manufactured in over 50 dazzling colors and weaves, you are sure to find the ideal match for your home. The whitewash solid ash legs are sturdy and ensure your chair will be stable and can carry weight. The cushions are flanged and offer great comfort with their down filling. 

The seat and back cushions are both removable, which helps with clean-ups, and if you do need to take the cushions to the dry-cleaner, it is much more practical to remove them. Minor spills can be easily treated with a quick spot treatment with water and mild soap. 

If you’re not entirely convinced about a color option, you can request free fabric swatches, which will help you choose between the mauve velvet chair, the white chunky boucle, or the slate twill. There is a range of colors and fabrics available, allowing you to customize the look according to your own preferences. 

Complete the look with the matching Bliss Down-Filled Ottoman also from West Elm, which is like a mini ottoman version of the spacious chair and a half. The ottoman completes the stylish and functional look. 

The Final Verdict

We simply love the leather feel of the Traditional Chair and a Half With Nailhead Trim From the Silverado Collection by Steve Silver on Northeast Factory Direct. This is a real winner with its unique design elements, brass nailhead details, and sheer comfort. There is no need to feel cramped for space in this large chair and a half, and the ottoman is as comfortable as the chair and offers a hugely increased seating area. 


Question: What are a chair and a half called?

Answer: You may think of the chair and a half as a modern version of the traditional chaise longue, which was a long-form of a seat. Larger than a single seat or chair, the chair and a half is a chair with attitude. It’s a chair, but on a bigger scale. While two people can snuggly sit on it, a chair and a half is not quite a loveseat either. It’s something unique, something on its own, and it’s a real statement in a room. 

Question: What are the size of a chair and a half?

Answer: While a standard upholstered chair has a seat width of around 30 inches, a chair and a half defies standards, and you may find their width to range between 39-50 inches. 

Question: Who makes the best chair and a half?

Answer: There are many different manufacturers of the chair and a half design. Which you believe is best will depend on your own unique style and comfort criteria, but based on the criteria of design, construction, functionality, comfort, and whether there’s a matching ottoman or not, we believe Traditional Chair and a Half With Nailhead Trim From the Silverado Collection by Steve Silver on Northeast Factory Direct makes the best chair and a half. 

Question: Can 2 people fit in a chair and a half?

Answer: Depending on the size of the two people, you can fit two people in a chair and a half, though it would be a cozy seating arrangement. This makes it an ideal nesting chair for moms and their children, a great addition to the nursery, or in your children’s room for storytime at night. Parents can easily take turns to cuddle with their child while reading them a story or calming a worried child at night. 

Question: Are a chair and a half a good buy?

Answer: Yes, a chair and a half is a great buy for small apartments or to create feature corners in a room. These oversized single seats are comfortable and stylish. They are also practical and can be used to create a focal point in your décor scheme or to give you a comfortable seat to read from or simply lounge with your feet up and unwind after a busy day.

Take a Seat

Before you rush out to buy a two or three-seater sofa that you will probably end up feeling guilty about (and struggle to get into your home), consider a chair and a half. Requiring less space than either a sofa or a loveseat, a chair and a half is both practical and visually pleasing. 

Choose a chair and a half that is comfortable, stylish, and functional with a matching ottoman, and loads of resting will be in store. After all, we tend to sit 6.5 hours a day, making a comfortable chair and a half seat an epic must. 

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