Best Floor Couch Picks and Ideas for Ultimate Comfort At Home

Floor couches are ideal for adding a modern touch to your home, and they are usually more affordable than traditional sofas as well. In our best floor couch picks and idea’s guide, we’ll discover which floor sofas are the best to buy.

We’ll look at the different floor couches on the market, find out their pros and cons, and outline which piece of furniture will suit your needs best. If you want a quick overview of the top-floor couches that are available to buy, have a look at the table below.

At a Glance: 7 of the Best Floor Couches in 2021

Floor couch Best for… Material Dimensions More Info
HonTop 8 Inch Folding Sofa Bed Queen Memory Foam Best overall Floor Sofa Memory Foam 80 x 60 x 8 inches Find out more
Sunset Trading Modular Sofa Couch Best modular floor couch Fabric 88 x 44 x 36 inches Find out more
WOTU Folding Bed Couch Best sleeper floor couch Memory Foam, Cotton 75 x 39 x 10 inches Find out more
Arabic floor couch Best Arabic floor couch Leather 75 x 27 x 4 inches Find out more
Amazon Basics Adjustable Foam Floor Sofa Best budget floor couch Fabric ‎39 x 44 x 7 inches Find out more
Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed Best compact floor couch Foam Construction 52 x 29 x 14 inches Find out more
Adjustable Folding Modern Futon Chaise Best futon style floor couch Polyester 43 x 25 x 23 inches Find out more

What is a Floor Couch?

A floor couch is simply a sofa that doesn’t have any legs – hence it sits on the floor!

This is a versatile piece of furniture because many double up as a bed too. Floor couches are often cheaper as well than buying a regular sofa, so they can be ideal for people on a budget or if you want a quirky focal point in your living room.

There are several benefits to having a floor couch, and this includes:

  • They are easy to move around the room if you need
  • They generally take up less space than a normal couch
  • They are safer for young children
  • They provide a modern design to your room

Things To Consider Before Buying a Floor Couch

There are a lot of different floor couch models that you can buy. These are some things to think about before you make a purchase and before we get into our best floor couch picks.


Like any sofa, a floor couch can be made from a wide variety of different materials. This includes fabric, leather, velvet, or polyester. You might prefer certain materials over others as some will provide a higher comfort level or fit in more with the style you want.

It isn’t just the comfort level and design that the material impacts; it also affects how easy the floor couch is to clean.

Some materials such as leather are very straightforward to clean properly, as a wipe with a damp cloth is usually sufficient. However, other materials, such as some fabrics, can be much harder to maintain, and they are also more prone to staining.


Floor sofas tend to be smaller than regular sofas, so if you have a small living room at home, this type of couch might be the better option.

However, you still need to factor in the actual size of the couch, so have a look at the overall dimensions before you buy. You don’t want to make a purchase only to find that your brand new floor sofa doesn’t fit into space in your living room or home office.


Floor couches come in a variety of colors – the same as any kind of sofa.

Ensuring that it blends in with the rest of your aesthetic is important, although some people do prefer a sofa that provides a very distinctive focal point to the room. You will come across couches available in a wide range of different color schemes, and some will be very limited.

We have included a mix of floor couches on our list below, so you should have good color options on some of the models.


Floor couches don’t just come in one style; there are several different types that you can buy. Here are some of the more common types of floor couches


A sectional floor sofa (often called a modular sofa) comes in different parts that are joined together. They are usually the biggest type of floor sofa available, and you can often choose different sections when purchasing to give you a more customized look.


A lounger is designed for lying back in and chilling out. They are designed very much like a lounger chair except that they sit on the floor. You will need some additional length space to house one of these floor couches, but they don’t take up much width.

Floor sofa with arms

These couches look pretty much the same as a traditional sofa, apart from the fact that they sit on the floor. The arms on the floor sofa allow it to look like a regular couch and work well in a more conventional designed room.


If you are after a traditionally styled floor sofa, the Arabic design is the one to choose. It usually has a backrest and arms and can come in traditional styles as well.


This type of floor couch is predominantly used for sleeping – think of it as a pull-out sofa bed. While it can still be used as a day-to-day sofa, its main purpose is to double up as a sleeper.

7 Best Floor Couches

1.HonTop 8 Inch Folding Sofa Bed Queen Memory Foam – Best overall Floor Couch

The HonTop 8 Inch Folding Sofa Bed Queen Memory Foam is our top choice if you want a versatile floor couch for your home.

The 50D Memory Foam makes this floor sofa a dream to sit and sleep on, and it offers a modern design that is perfect for a contemporary room. There are twin and queen options available with this sofa, while it is available in dark chocolate and grey. The two distinct color options allow this floor couch to fit in with the majority of home designs.

The sofa is a good size and wouldn’t look out of place in a living room or a spare bedroom. We like the versatility of this couch as it can be used as a sleeper or simply a nifty floor sofa, and it can even be stored away easily. You can only spot clean this couch, which is a drawback if anything does stain it.

However, it is our top pick overall, and it doesn’t even cost that much money.


  • Comfortable floor couch that doubles as a sleeper
  • Made from memory foam
  • Available in two colors and two sizes
  • Decent size and will fit into a variety of home designs


  • You can only spot clean this floor couch

2. Sunset Trading Modular Sofa Couch – Best Modular Floor Couch

The Sunset Trading Modular Sofa Couch is our top choice if you want a sectional design. It comes in a neat L shape, but the modular style means you have a lot of flexibility over how it looks.

This is a very comfortable floor couch to sit or lie on as the deep seating and plush cushions offer a relaxed setup. The 1.8 density foam further adds to overall comfort levels, and you can quickly move around the different sections and use it as a bed.

This floor couch is only available in brown, limiting the kind of home designs you can potentially use this sofa in. However, the fabric is resilient, and stains can be removed pretty easily.


  • Very comfortable modular floor sofa
  • Easy to clean and maintain its appearance
  • Compact and ideal for small spaces


  • This floor couch is only available in brown

3. WOTU Folding Bed Couch – Best Sleeper Floor Couch

This very basic-looking floor couch is great when used as a sleeper, and it can work well in a spare room, kid’s playroom, or even in a home office.

The WOTU Folding Bed Couch has a tri-fold mattress made from memory foam, which makes sitting on the couch comfortable. In addition, the cover can be removed and washed, which is a big bonus (especially if this is going into a kid’s bedroom). You also have several color choices (dark grey, dark blue, and light grey), so it is versatile and can fit in with several different color schemes.

This floor sofa is a good size, and while it perhaps isn’t big enough or luxury-looking enough to be used in your living room, it is ideally suited for a spare room at home.


  • Comfortable sleeper ideal for a spare room or home office
  • Available in three different colors
  • Cover can be removed, and machine washed


  • Isn’t suited for your main living room

4.Arabic floor couch – Best Arabic Floor Couch

arabic floor seating couch

If you want a real traditional Arabic style sofa, the Arabic Floor Couch is our top pick. We love the traditional Middle-Eastern design of this sofa. It creates an incredible vibe and wouldn’t look out of place in a modern design either, even if it is very much crafted in a traditional style.

It is a bit on the thin side, and it might be as comfortable as many people expect. It isn’t terrible to sit on – far from it – just that it could be thicker.

However, this is a unique Arabic floor couch that will provide an incredible look to your home. It isn’t massively expensive either, and it can fit in a variety of settings from your living room, home office, or even commercial premises too.


  • Beautiful Arabic designed floor couch
  • It comes with 3 backrest pillows and 2 armrest pillows
  • Good size


  • It is a bit thin at only 4 inches.

5. Amazon Basics Adjustable Foam Floor Sofa – Best budget Floor Couch

Spending a lot of money isn’t necessary to buy a floor couch, and this is why we have included the Amazon Basics Adjustable Foam Floor Sofa on our list.

It isn’t just the price that benefits this floor couch; it is pretty comfortable to sit on as well. If you need a basic floor sofa to use in a dorm room, spare bedroom, or even a kid’s room, it is difficult to go wrong with this piece of furniture.

There are some issues around durability. Even though it has a metal frame, some people have found that it doesn’t have the longevity of some other floor sofas. However, we can’t have any complaints for the price you pay and the fact that this is designed for occasional use.


  • Basic and affordable floor couch
  • Good comfort levels
  • Ideal for spare or dorm rooms


  • There are some issues around durability

6. Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed – Best Compact Floor Couch

Floor couches are, by definition, already smaller than a traditional sofa; however, if you are stuck for space, the Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed is our top pick for a compact model. The dimensions of this floor couch are 52 x 29 x 14 inches which means it can easily fit into a tight space in your home. This is also an ideal floor sofa for kids.

The foam construction gives a good level of comfort, and it also extends out into a bed if you have guests staying over for a night. The cover can be removed and machine washed, which is a bonus. Continuous use of this floor couch probably won’t see it last too long, and it is small, but for a compact floor sofa, there isn’t much wrong with it.


  • Compact floor couch perfect for small spaces
  • Cover can be removed, and machine washed


  • It isn’t the most durable floor couch
  • Small, so not ideal for everyone

7. Adjustable Folding Modern Futon Chaise – Best Futon Style Floor Couch

This futon-style floor couch provides excellent comfort and a nice design. The Adjustable Folding Modern Futon Chaise is made from polyester, and its spongy nature makes it great to sit back and relax on. There are five different positions with this futon, which gives it versatility while at home in many settings, including apartments, dorms, dens, and kid’s rooms.

There isn’t a lot that we don’t lie about this futon, and it is a reasonably priced floor couch. However, there aren’t many color options (just blueish grey), so you might want to look elsewhere if you need additional choices. Overall, a nice and comfortable futon floor couch does what you need to do with minimum fuss.


  • Comfortable futon style floor couch
  • Has five different positions
  • Reasonably priced


  • Only has one color option

Which is the Best Floor Couch?

Floor couches are an ideal piece of furniture to add a modern aspect to any room, and they don’t take us as much space or usually cost as much as a traditional sofa either. Our top pick for the best overall floor sofa is the HonTop 8 Inch Folding Sofa Bed Queen Memory Foam.

This floor sofa delivers everything you need it to. It is a decent size, offers a good level of comfort, and is available in several colors. You can use this couch in your main living room if you want, and it doubles up as a bed which adds to its versatility. The downside is that you can only spot clean this sofa, but it is a minor point. Overall, if you want a cost-effective but comfortable and highly functional floor couch, go with the HonTop 8 Inch Folding Sofa Bed Queen.


Question: What is a Floor Couch?

Answer: A floor couch is simply a sofa design that sits on the floor. Instead of having legs or sitting high up off the ground, this type of couch rests on the floor itself.

Question: Are floor couches cheaper than normal couches?

Answer: Usually, yes. As they are often smaller and take up less space, many floor couches are cheaper than a normal sofa. They can be a cost-effective option for spare bedrooms, dorms, and kid’s rooms.

Question: Do all floor couches double up as a bed?

Answer: No. Not every floor couch doubles up as a bed, although most do. Even if a floor couch doesn’t spread out into a sleeper, many designs, such as a modular floor sofa, allow you to rearrange the layout to make a temporary bed.

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