Best Marble Coffee Table Ideas Guide: Our Top Favorite Picks

Marble coffee tables are an elegant addition to any room. They’re often used in informal living rooms or dining rooms, but recent trends have shown that marble is famous for smaller spaces like hallways and entryways. This best marble coffee table ideas guide contains ideas on how to choose the best marble coffee table for your space, as well as tips on choosing furniture styles to match it.

Top Six Marble Coffee Tables in Amazon

1.Walker Edison Cora Marble Coffee Table: Best Overall


walker edison

Every living space needs an aesthetic centerpiece, and this Walker Edison Marble Top Coffee Table is the perfect pick. It’s made with warp-resistant MDF, so it’ll last for years, and the durable laminate top can hold up to 100 pounds of weight. 

The slanted tabletop allows you to use electronics without having cords run into sightlines or crowding other outlets nearby. Rubber-topped feet keep floors safe from scratches, while beautiful gold-tone metal guardrails keep things popping when setting objects down.

For a glamourous design that complements any home decor, invest in this round faux marble coffee table now.


  • It’s durable.
  • It has an elegant appearance.
  • It’s versatile as it can be used in many places.


  • Quickly catches stains if not cleaned properly.

2. Roomfitters Marble Coffee Table: Most Versatile Marble Coffee Table

roomfitters table

This marble coffee table will be the envy of your living room. The material is durable, sleek, and fashionable, perfect for any style of home. You won’t regret shedding that extra storage space to accommodate this chic new piece in the common area.

Roomfitters Marble Tables are made from a steel frame with a stronghold on the floor, so there’s no need to worry about it toppling over. These little wonders are sure to complement any design and just as easily accommodate your newest tech gadgets too.


  • It is solid and sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable and elegant


  • Lacks enough E rods for the screws

3. Nathan James Faux Modern Coffee Table: Best Round Marble Coffee Table

nathan james table

This modern round faux marble coffee table is the perfect addition to any living room. Faux Coffee Tables have a sturdy metal cross-frame and durable white stone. This elegant table design offers an eye-catching focal point for your home’s interior with the convenience of storing magazines, beverages, or snacks when entertaining in your living room.

Coordinate effortlessly with existing pieces in your home while enjoying years of use from this table. Forget about complicated assembly: just open up the box, and you’ll be done in twenty minutes flat. The contemporary design is 36.5 inches wide by 36.5 inches long by 18 inches tall to fit perfectly around most sofas or armchairs- not too big, not too small.


  • They are built to last
  • They have an elegant design
  • They are quick and easy to assemble
  • They are durable


  • They come without assembly tools and hardware.

4. Convenience Coffee Table: Best Budget Marble Coffee Table

convenience concepts coffee table

Unfortunate night-shift workers and spouses of OCD neat freaks will be delighted to find that they can finally put their junk out of sight. The convenience coffee table is designed with a faux white marble top for writing, drawing, or whatever your “unclean” work requires in erasable marker.

This Convenience Coffee Table has low set tempered glass sides to keep those pencils and markers from rolling on the floor. And if you want any companionship while keeping your household spick-and-span, just use the convenient shelf underneath for some low-set decorative items like bowls of candy or freshly lit scented candles.


  • They are available in different choices and styles
  • They are versatile; can be used for various purposes
  • They are easy to clean


  • They don’t come with an assembly manual

5. Bonnlo Coffee Table: Easiest to Assemble

bonnlo coffee table

Now chatting with your friends won’t be interrupted by the sound of a clanking coffee cup. The Bonnlo Coffee Table features a sturdy metal frame, a stunning fake marble tabletop, and a catch-all drawer in one convenient package. 

Clever form meets clever function: this table has it all. Snap together each piece in an instant as you continue to chat or watch TV from the comfort of your couch. Its sleek look makes it inviting for any space – living room, offices, dorms, apartments – you name it.

So stop looking at nasty old stacks of dishes and get yourself a Bonnlo Coffee Table so that you never have to worry about picking up after yourself again.


  • They are easy to assemble
  • They are sturdy
  • They are scratch-resistant


  • Some users complained that they had a hard time matching the colors of the table with the decor.

6. Ashley Maysville Faux Table: Best Premium Marble Coffee Table

This Maysville Marble Coffee Table is beautifully designed and crafted for the modern world. Polished with a faux marble top, the sleek black color will effortlessly match any sofa or decor in your house. 

Surrounding the coffee table are two matching end tables that include Black Lacquered handles on the sides of each table to allow easy grabbing from any room. Plus, you’ll never find yourself an inch short of space—there’s an ample amount of storage (both hidden and seen) underneath.

And just wait until you see how easily these tables can take shape. Simply screw the legs into place, and voila! You’re ready to enjoy this home-perfect furniture throughout without spending much.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is durable
  • It easily matches other decors


  • It’s not scratch-free

How to Style and Design Your Marble Coffee Tables

There is no better way to bring out your personality than making sure that all of the things on your coffee table are spiced with perfection. Whether you’re looking for a more exotic and bohemian vibe or want something sleek and industrial,  there’s no shortage of ways to customize it.

 Here are some stylish ideas you can employ to get that outlook you desire in your home.

1. Books 

It’s essential to have a coffee table because it sets the mood for any gathering, but sometimes you don’t want just an empty surface.

 With books stacked on your coffee table, not only will they provide artistic décor in themselves, but also,  with their spines and colors popping against one another, it can never get any better.

There is something about reading that is more soothing. By stacking two or three high next to each other, you can always pick one and get going with a cup of coffee as you enjoy the best times in your own comfort.

2. Candles to Match With Urchins

Gold is the best expression of royalty. Urchins are always blended with gold which is an excellent color to match your coffee table and no better combination with candles. You can place it on the table around bowls or any art of your liking.    

3. Trays

If you want to style your coffee table, tray styles are a good idea. With different varieties, from modern to traditional, trays can be a good idea for styling your coffee table. You will have no problem finding a suitable color and style type that matches your current furniture color scheme.

Try out the different varieties of trays for your coffee tables available at various stores, and you will not be disappointed by both modern and traditional styles out there.

4. Flowers

Flowers, as well as vases containing them, are an excellent way to accentuate a coffee table. Terrariums can also be used if you’re looking for something with more of a green touch. You could always go big in style by also adding succulents full of plant life to give that extra bit of nature needed around your coffee table.

5. Crystals in a Glass Bowl

The glass bowl’s transparency and reflective surface are a great way to catch the eye of your guest. 

They make an excellent addition on top of any coffee table because not only do they provide that extra touch you need for decoration, but they also work as holders or storage containers for small items that will match with the marble material of your coffee table.

6. Art 

Art is a crucial way to make your home feel more like you. Adding pieces of art, such as photos or antiques, can add personality and spice up your coffee marble table.

As much art brings in a superb view to your coffee marble table, it also adds some personality to your own home. Whether you want something modern or rustic, art can be the perfect touch.

7. Boxes

You can spice up your coffee table by adding some boxes on top of it.  You’ll want to go for colors that will blend well with the color scheme you have going and what type of look you’re looking for in general.

Design Ideas You Can Opt For Your Marble Coffee Tables

marble coffee table

Marble is a beautiful stone that has been part of royal taste throughout history. It’s magnificent in its look and exotic at the same time. A marble coffee table gives you an elegant, timelessly beautiful choice for your home décor. Many different design ideas are available, with styles ranging from traditional old classics to chic modish ones like those listed below.

1. Egg-Shaped Design Idea

In the living room, we spend time with our families and friends. We talk about what’s going on in our lives, share laughs and memories over a coffee or cocktail (or two). That is why an egg-shaped marble table can be such a perfect accessory for any home. 

It provides just enough practicality to make life easier while adding glamour that will catch your guests’ eye every time they stop by. With the option of being simple or gold gilded from top to bottom depending on how much you want people around, you know there are some things worth spending money on.

2. Modern Two-Tiered Coffee Marble Tables

This contemporary two-tiered marble coffee table is perfect for your living room, showcasing its natural beauty and elegance through a black block that supports the slabs of white marble. This design gives it an elegant yet simplistic feel you’ll find hard not to fall in love with!

3. The Ultra-Modern Coffee Marble Table

The ultra-modern coffee marble table is a sleek, chic table that’s perfect for today. The marble base and the metallic top are two elements you don’t often see together but they work well to give this modern design an updated look with just what your home needs.

4. Rectangular Design Ideas

A coffee table can be the perfect place to show off your personal style. If you’re looking for something that will blend with a variety of aesthetics, consider selecting an unassuming rectangle marble top and dark stained wood frame. It’s simple but it’ll fit right in at any house-no matter what mood or décor is going on inside!

5. Surfboard Design Idea

When you think of a vintage piece, what comes to mind? A clunky relic that is no longer functional or relevant in today’s modern age? That is not the case for this coffee table though.  

The surfboard-shaped marble slab and wooden legs with gilded ends make every millennial’s dream come true. Let your guests know that they can sit and ‘’surf while drinking their coffee with this vintage-looking table.

6. Round Marble Coffee Ideas

Round marble coffee tables are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical for any living room. The surface is resistant to spills and looks great while showcasing important papers on one side of the table, or serving coffee without spilling on guests thanks to its material that can take knocks just fine.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Marble Coffee Tables


Marble coffee tables are a beautiful addition to any home, but they can require high maintenance. They need frequent cleaning and conditioning because marble is porous in nature. It absorbs liquids like water from the air or spills of wine you might accidentally make on it.

If your table has no polyester resin coating to protect it against stains, always apply oil for maintenance. 


A good rule of thumb for the height and length is that your coffee table should sit at around the same level as a seat cushion on your sofa, but no higher than about 1.5 times its size. 

For corner sofas or L-shaped sofas, you’ll want to measure from where people are likely to be sitting to determine how long an appropriate coffee table will be. It can be ⅔ the length of whichever side seems longer.


The shape of a good marble coffee table generally depends on what you want. If you have minimal space, you should opt for oval coffee tables because they use minimal space. If you have a larger space, go for square either square coffee tables or rectangular coffee tables.

Consider checking where you want to place your table to determine what shape your marble coffee table should be.


Marble has been an attractive and trendy material in furniture design since ancient times. However, it’s essential to consider its weight when considering which marble table will work best at your house. If they’re too heavy, this can put undue pressure on flooring and baseboards throughout the space and affect wall stability from bearing all those pounds up high against them.

Although marble is solid and heavy, nowadays, manufacturers use a thin marble tabletop, and the look is still elegant.

Veining/ Color

Marble has been misunderstood as a stone restricted to neutral, grey tones, but this is no longer true with the richly patterned and colorful stones available. There are not only white marble or black marble options out there; you can find browns, greys, and even pink marbles, which each have different veining patterns.

Budget and Cost of the Table

Marble coffee tables are a mainstay in any household, and it’s why you should buy one that will suit your budget and needs. It is essential to keep the future of this table in mind, though – as they only last so long before changing tastes or styles make them outdated. 

So if possible, it would be best not to purchase an expensive marble coffee table unless you’re confident with how secure your finances are after purchasing such a high-end item.

Otherwise, chances are once the house style changes, for example, due to children growing up older than when they were first purchased (and sometimes their taste), these types of tables quickly wear out from use while becoming outdated because they no longer match current trends.


Marble coffee tables are one of the most famous pieces of furniture in a home. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be made out of many different materials. They are also available in many colors.

If you’re looking for some new marble coffee table ideas that will add style to your living room or family room, check out our blog post, as it provides tips on how to buy marble coffee tables as well as what to consider when choosing them. 

Wondering which one to pick? Why don’t you go with our top pick: the Walker Edison Cora Marble Coffee Table. It’s not only durable and elegant, but it will also protect your floor from scratching.

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