Best Bookcase with Drawers Options

Best Bookcase with Drawers Options Your Living Room Definitely Needs

Selecting a bookcase with drawers can be difficult when there are many different styles to choose from. The perfect size may not always exist, but no worries because we have you covered. Luckily, we have created this blog post for anyone looking for information on some of the best bookcase with drawers options. Some of these products include features like adjustable shelves or wheels, which will make them easier to move around your home. 

Whether you’re looking for an affordable option or something more expensive, there is likely something here that will suit your needs. We’ve ranked them by design, shape, budget, and features.

Top Bookcase With Drawers on Amazon

Nathan James: Best Overall Bookcase With Drawers

Who knew your bookcase storage could be so versatile? The Nathan James Theo metal steel framed industrial bookcase with wood shelves and drawers is the perfect addition to any room needing a few extra shelves. 

With a sleek and space-saving style, this bookcase can transform from an open case display for your gaming collectibles into kitchen or living room storage that doesn’t take up any visual space then back into a lending library for all of your favorite novels – just store them then change the tone of voice. 

In a black metal frame with drawers made from quality pine wood, this is the one thing you’ll want to show off. Get this chic wall mount bookshelf as a unique gift today.


  • It has a perfect minimalist design
  • It is multifunctional
  • It is durable


  • Its particleboard is poor

Sekey Home Bookcase: Best Square Bookcase With Drawers

The Sekey home bookcase has a statement of class and style and would be a fantastic addition to your living room’s decor. The walnut finish can coordinate with any color palette you have in mind. The metal accents are the perfect touch to make it stand out. 

Fit for any space or home décor, its versatile design makes it easy to match up with anything. Its size is 46″(H)x20″(W)x13.2″ (D). Simple construction but looks great because of its walnut finish that is durable and easy to clean. 

This bookcase provides storage with drawers on each side without cluttering your floor space around it. It also functions as functional art by incorporating a good design, and you can display this bookcase anywhere in the house or office.


  • It’s supportive and solid
  • It is made from durable wood
  • It is easy to put together


  • It has a low weight capacity of only 48lbs.

VECELO 4-Tier Bookcase: Best Versatile Bookcase With Drawers

This multifunctional bookcase can be used to store your books, tablets, and all the other things that occupy space in every room. With its sleek metal framework and included drawers for hiding away little items like keys or jewelry, this piece will look stylish no matter where it is placed.

With no tools whatsoever needed, assembly of a VECELO 4-tier bookcase is also a breeze. This creativity factory has got you covered when you need shelves. 

Visually pleasing— these ladders will beautify your house in every season of the year. Keep track of what takes up the most space with our adjustable shelves.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is solid and sturdy
  • It offers great storage 

SONGMICS: Best Budget Bookcase With Drawers

The SONGMICS bookcase has three open shelves for precious mementos, pretty plants, or photos of smiling faces; 4 lightweight fabric drawers to meet your various needs: Use the three open shelves for your most prized collectibles and favorite garden-fresh flowers. 

Find a spot for family pictures and all those positive affirmations on the large mantle shelf. Safely store your sewing supplies in the four drawers, where they’ll be ready at any time. With this versatility, along with its rustic vibe, it can easily find its place in the living room, bedroom, and more.

The best part is you don’t need to do any heavy lifting – we’ve got installation covered.

Bring organization back into focus with SONGMICS Rustic Storage.


  • Its non-woven fabric is durable
  • It is robust
  • It is quick and easy to install


  • Some customers said they had a hard time with assembly

Industrial Ladder Shelf: Best Wall Mount Bookcase With Drawers

The industrial ladder shelf with two drawers is perfect for man caves, guest bedrooms, bedrooms, offices, and any room you need to keep neat. The three tiers bookcase features plenty of storage space that’ll fit rows of the reads, clusters of your collection, or gorgeous potted plants stretching from one end to the other. 

Now, with a set of drawers on both sides, it will give you extra temporary spots for last-minute items without cluttering up your work area or trying to squeeze things in between piles, increasing the available usable areas. 

Don’t go running off, though; this product also maxes out its used space and loading weight, so stay put while trying to load it somewhere.


  • It is easy to put together
  • It is solid and durable
  • It offers plenty of room for storage


  • Its shelves lay flat when put together

How to Style Bookcases With Drawers

Stacking Books

A bookcase is a beautiful piece of furniture, and it’s even better when you stack your books within to show off what you love. Stack them vertically, horizontally, or lean some on top of each other for an interesting arrangement.

Mixing artifacts such as vases with your favorite reads can add flair into any room, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Blending  the Correct Color Scheme

When styling bookcases with drawers, it’s important that you blend the correct color scheme. You can do this by choosing two colors that work well together and incorporating them into your design in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Alternatively, if there are any bookshelves without doors in case you want to style, try arranging your favorite colored hardback novels around these shelves for artistic effect. You can use a neutral color if you need something low-key.

Adding Meaningful Decor

There are always great opportunities to add meaningful decor items when it comes to styling your bookcases. Sometimes the best way is with photos or artifacts that you can look at every day, such as pictures of loved ones or mementos from trips out-of-town. When looking through them, they will quickly put a smile on anyone’s face.

Have Fun

Styling bookcases and other furniture pieces isn’t all about function; it’s also important for them to look good to add some character into any space while providing storage options.  One helpful tip would be storing smaller items such as keys on different shelves using trays or even fun bowls instead. This provides more than just one purpose at once (storage & decoration), making every inch count.

Making organizing somewhat effortless equals less time spent cleaning up but still having everything neat and looking nice.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Bookcases With Drawers


Regardless of material, bookcases will always serve you the way they were meant to. However, the material does play into how long a bookcase lasts and how easy it is to move. 

Sturdy hardwoods and bright metals are investment pieces that will last for your whole life. However, these materials can be much heavier and more challenging to move around with compared to lighter woods or plastics like MDF board which make great choices for rustic or minimalist décor themes.


When choosing a bookshelf, it’s essential to know the recommended space you need for hanging your bookcase. Make sure that there is enough room above and below as well so that it doesn’t run into other furniture or walls in your home. Be sure to measure shelf space before making any purchases at the store if you choose fixed shelving instead of adjustable shelves.


A bookcase with drawers provides more storage space than an open one. If you’d rather not display all of your books, but would like to keep some hidden away in a drawer for later use, then the former option is best suited for your household needs. 

Bookcases are a great way to show off or showcase essential and meaningful items to you.—a beautiful picture frame collection could be showcased on top for an extra touch. 

Carrying Capacity

When it comes to bookcases, the carrying capacity should also be considered. Check the weight capacity of shelves before buying them as they are available in different capacities. Some can hold up to 300lbs, while others have a load limit of only 50lbs. 

Be sure that you choose one with enough space for your books so there’s no overcrowding and an accident doesn’t happen in the future due to the risk of collapse.

Finish and Color

When looking for a bookcase to place in your home, consider the colors and finishes of other furniture and what style would best match the interior décor. 

For example, suppose you have an ultra-modern interior design scheme inside your home or office space. In that case, it might be wise to pick out a rustic wooden storage unit that contrasts nicely against this aesthetic rather than opting for something more contemporary, which could clash instead of complementing.


Bookcases come in a variety of styles and designs. They can be used to store books, decorate your room with ornaments, and for various other uses. Explore the different types of bookcases before buying one that is most suitable for you space-wise as well as according to its storage capacity requirements


Question: What Sets a Bookcase Apart From a Bookshelf?

Answer: What sets a bookcase apart from a bookshelf is that they are designed to sit on the floor. Unlike bookcases, which have encased ends and are large pieces of furniture, shelves don’t have enclosed sides or can be hung on walls. Bookcases also tend to be narrower because they would take up too much space in your room if they were too wide. 

Question: How Do I Get Rid of Dirt From My Bookcase?

Answer: There are a few ways to keep your bookcase dust-free. I recommend using a microfiber cloth and cleanser, safe for wood with water, wiping each shelf down individually before placing books back on them. Avoid feather dusters as they only redistribute the dust so it’s better not to use those at all. Ensure the shelves have been dried completely before putting any of your new or old books away again.

Question: What Can I Display in My Bookcase?

Answer: While books are always a great item to display in your bookcase, you can also add some art. How about using paintings? Or if that’s not really up to your alley, photo frames would be lovely too. Of course, there is more than one way to decorate the inside of a shelf. Make it look however you want with whatever type of decoration that makes sense with what you have on hand at home.

Question: Why Are Books Turned Backwards When On Display in Bookcases?

Answer: When decorators turn books backward, the reason is copyright. This isn’t a hard and fast rule; sometimes, designers use their discretion regarding this issue. Although some book lovers are against hiding titles in any way at all, most people actually agree that there’s no better solution than simply turning them around since networks would need permission from every title for rights clearance purposes otherwise.

Question: Are Personalized Bookcases Outdated?

Answer: Whether bookcases are outdated is dependent on your taste and preferences. Modern trends indicate that people nowadays prefer to shop for their books online instead of in person. But if you love the look or feel of a built-in shelf, go ahead. Although some high-quality new materials have replaced wood as the preferred material for making furniture like these shelves, it still depends on what kind of design floats your boat.

Best Bookcase with Drawers Options: Conclusion

One of the best things about bookcases with drawers is that they offer a lot more storage space for your books, which means you can get away with having fewer books on display. 

The downside to this type of shelving unit is that some people find it challenging to organize their stuff in an orderly fashion because there are no dividers or shelves inside. To help solve these organizational problems, we’ve compiled five great tips for styling and using bookcases with drawers above. 

Our top pick is Nathan James industrial bookcase because of its sleek, durable, and elegant design.

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