Best Purple Couch Ideas

Best Purple Couch Ideas Guide For A Colorful Home

Have you been tackling the idea of decorating with purple but have no clue where to start? Today, we’re going to show you how you can integrate purple couches into your decor to create a gorgeous setup. We’re focusing on general tips for purple decorating, as well as putting together a list of the best purple couch ideas which are durable, comfortable, and reasonably priced.

How to Decorate with Purple

When people decorate with the color purple, they frequently simply paint the walls. That is perfectly okay.

However, there is always that “wow” factor when you come into a space and immediately find yourself staring at multiple objects of interest. That is something that is not possible in a monochromatic room.

Mixing Colors 

When it comes to decorating with any hue, I’ve discovered that the magic is in the combining. Contrary to popular belief, do not use a single color. Keep your palette to a maximum of three colors.

However, two hues are ideal. Consider including colors such as pink and lime green in your combination, as these hues combine well with purple.

Multiple Purple Shades

Using several tones of any hue will help you expand your décor options. The heavier color can serve as a focal point, while the lighter hues can be used on the majority of the walls.

Using Color Visualizers

When in doubt, consult a color matching visualizer. This program will allow you to visualize the paint combination and the result on a computer-generated house scene. You’ll be able to select between bedroom, living room, and even kitchen scenarios.

Tips on Decorating with Purple

Soft Purple

Reduce the strength of purple by a couple of notches and you get a relaxing color that is significantly more interesting than simple neutrals but not too loud or aggressive.

Purple, as a cool color, has a naturally relaxing effect and is therefore ideal for the rooms in your home where you most need to relax. The palest purple can be used to tint the walls, while the wonderful accent pillow or window treatments add a touch of romance.

Purple Walls

You should not be scared to employ a rich, deep purple if you’re not sure how to paint your walls. The high-contrast palette of white, bright blue, and dark purple provides a relaxing yet modern aesthetic.

And don’t believe that dark walls are just appropriate for brilliantly lighted beds; in fact, dark purple walls are ideal for dimly lit rooms due to the saturated color’s ability to stand up to varying levels of light.

Contemporary Decor

If you believe that purple is childish or that color is only appropriate for too theatrical spaces, pair vivid purple walls with contemporary furnishings.

Avoid excessive fuss and clutter, add the tiniest hint of an accent color, and there you go! You’ll obtain a gorgeous, contemporary room fit for adults.

What Colors Work with Purple?

Color Contrasts

Purple is a color that works well with what many consider to be “clashing” tones. A neon green combined with a deep, royal purple can look unexpectedly modern, while a purple and gray color scheme can be somewhat warmed up with a few dashes of really bright orange.

When choosing a more daring color to complement purple, tiny doses or pairing the hue with a neutral or classic shade frequently produces the best effects. In a living room, pairing opposing hues with purple works best in modest doses.

Avoid stark opposing colors if you choose to integrate large area rugs or window coverings in your room’s decor. Instead, include little accents of an orange or green into a more neutral patterned rug or drape.

Purple vs Neutral Colors

If you’re ready to make a bold statement using the color purple for your living room, the simplest way to match is to use several tones of the color. From light to dark, a combination of purples and neutral hues such as gray, beige, or black, allows the purple to shine out on its own.

It’s an easy, straightforward method to complement purple without getting too imaginative or outlandish with color pairings. To prevent appearing “too” safe, combine a variety of textures in addition to the many hues of purple to really bring the contrasts and distinctions to life.

Cool & Warm Tones

When choosing colors that compliment purple for your living room, keep in mind that the “temperature” of the shade you choose has an equal impact on the area as the actual hue.

As with every hue, purple can be chilly or warm, and the outcome depends on whether you choose to balance purple’s temperature with shades that fall on the opposite purple spectrum or opt to keep colors entirely cool or entirely warm.

For instance, a cool-tone purple combined with a steel gray is frequently attractive with a modern edge, setting the tone for the entire area. Combining the same cold-tone purple with warm orange, for example, creates a Bohemian appeal and reduces the frequently “sharp” impression associated with rooms painted entirely in chilly colors.

Classic Color Combinations

Purple is paired with a variety of traditional hues. Gray, in both brighter and darker shades, is possibly the most popular. Jewel tones such as ruby red, dark, deep teal, or other colors that complement the depth seen in many medium-to-dark purple shades also work beautifully.

Utilize a variety of jewel tones in combination with a darker purple for the room’s materials, including curtains, upholstery carpets, and cushions. Lilac can be used with beige to produce a harmonious, spa-like atmosphere, while the same tone is frequently used in French decor.

Both of them look great when combined with a variety of patterned fabrics and when one color is used as the foundation paint, and you pick the other to create an accent wall.

Top Purple Couch Recommendations

Casa Andrea Milano Sofa Couch

Best Budget Pick

When you’re on the market looking for a budget-friendly couch, this one right here is a perfectly viable option. Super comfortable and attractive, this sofa is ideal for a compact space and comes in a variety of colors to complement your home decor.

  • Color options: 10
  • Materials: fabric upholstery, wood legs
  • Dimensions: ‎30 x 75 x 33 inches

The soft hand-picked textiles in a button-tufted style add a sense of luxury to your living area while still maintaining a modern aesthetic. It is the perfect couch for a mid-century modern setup, as it combines a gorgeous shade of purple with four wooden legs to match this type of style.

Jaxx Zipline Loveseat & Ottomans/Fold Out Lounger

Best For Kids

This is a great option for those of you looking to decorate a child’s room and would love a purple seating solution to complete the decor. This polyurethane foam loveseat features a three-tiered versatile design that allows for the creation of the ideal layout for any environment.

  • Color options: 8
  • Materials: microsuede
  • Dimensions: ‎20 x 40 x 16 inches

When the ottomans are piled and folded, it transforms into a surface that’s suitable for drawing, snacking, and impromptu stage performances. When it’s time to unwind and spread out, the Zipline Loveseat’s ingenious foldout design transforms into a seamless, cushioned reclining platform in an instant.

The machine-washable, ultra-soft microsuede coverings are easy to maintain. The Zipline Kids Loveseat will look beautiful in almost any setting and your children will enjoy it for years to come.

STARTOGOO Upholstered U-Shape Sectional Sofa

Best For Large Spaces

With a hardwood structure, the sofa is robust and will provide years of service. The couch chair is strong enough to support a maximum weight of 225 pounds per seat. It comes with thicker legs that will firmly support you and provide improved stability.

  • Color options: 2
  • Materials: velvet cover, wood frame, sponge cushion
  • Dimensions: 53 x 124 x 33 inches

This contemporary U-shaped sectional couch set includes a sofa and two complimentary pillows and looks pretty fashionable with a velvet upholstery of superior quality.

The serpentine spring works together with the sponge cushions to provide enhanced comfort regardless of whether you’re sitting or lying down. With an included installation kit and an easy-connect design, building this sofa will be a breeze. The set contains a U-shaped sofa and two pillowcases.

Jennifer Taylor Home Alma Bench

Best For Bedrooms 

This product isn’t a couch per se, but it does act as a bench for your bedroom and can fulfill pretty much the same roles as a couch does. And, since you can’t really install a couch in a small bedroom, this is the next best thing.

The Alma is crafted from quality is woven polyester and is padded and cushioned with high-density flame-retardant foam for a medium-firm feel

  • Color options: 10
  • Materials: velvet
  • Dimensions: 64.5 x 20 x 25.5 inches

The Alma is a gorgeous bench that will complement your home décor well. This bench is elegantly crafted from kiln-dried birch wood that has been engineered to endure a lifetime of regular use. This bench features flared arms, hand tufting along with the seat, ornamental cord accents that match, and two bolster pillows in the same fabric.

This sofa has an eye-catching style thanks to the diamond tufting on the back. Wrapped in quality is woven polyester and cushioned with high-density flame-retardant foam.  

Casa Andrea Milano Chesterfield Sofa 

Best Value 

This is a sofa designed in the chesterfield style, sporting a tufted design for a traditional and refined appeal. Upholstered in premium velvet with overstuffed armrests and backrests for added comfort, soft tufted armrests.

  • Color options: 2
  • Materials: velvet cover
  • Dimensions: ‎32.7 x 84.6 x 29.1 inches

Removable seat cushions secured with Velcro to prevent sliding, hardwood legs in the Victorian style. It can seat up to three people. It has a soft velvet-style cover and measures a whopping ‎32.7 x 84.6 x 29.1 inches overall.  

Jennifer Taylor Home Jack Collection Couch 

Best Overall 

While this particular purple couch option is more expensive compared to some of the other options we’ve shown you today, the combination between the design and the quality of the product makes it worth every penny.

  • Color options: 13
  • Materials: polyester cover, birch wood frame
  • Dimensions: ‎84 x 33 x 31.5 inches

This couch is designed with a solid kiln-dried birch wood frame and is covered in polyester upholstery which is available in 13 different color options. The details of the design are also amazing, with the tufted elegant backrest and the included bolster pillows.  


Question: Is a purple sofa a good idea? 

Answer: Purple is frequently used as an accent hue in both traditional and modern interior design, although it works equally well in a traditional setting. In a classic living room, a pair of purple couches or sofas can serve as the primary décor element, supplemented by a fireplace and resting underneath an ornate chandelier.  

Question: How do you match a purple couch? 

Answer: Purple is paired with a variety of traditional hues. Gray, in both brighter and darker shades, is possibly the most popular. When larger pieces, like the sofa, are purple, and gray carpets and window treatments come into play to tone down the area, the mix works effectively.

Question: What goes with purple? 

Answer: The most noticeable complementary colors are green, orange, and yellow. Contrasting colors, however, are not the only ones that matter. Colors adjacent to one another on the color wheel, such as pink or indigo, also complement one another.  

Best Purple Couch Ideas: Final Words

The Jennifer Taylor Home Jack Collection couch is one of our personal favorites because it comes with an elegant design, fits into a variety of different decors, and is built with quality materials. If you want more decorating tips for your living room, make sure to check out some of our other articles. Like our guide to the best Wayfair console tables!

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