Best High Leg Recliner Options That Will Help You To Relax

What do you get when you combine the comfort of a recliner with the convenience of the high leg? A best-selling product. It provides much-needed relaxation and entertainment. But with so many to choose from, it can be hard to find just one that is right for your needs.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what factors to consider when getting high leg recliners, but first, let’s look at which ones are perfect for various scenarios. We’ve reviewed and chosen them based on budget, style, and fabric.

Best High Leg Recliners in Amazon

Lane Home Furnishings 6002-11: Best Upholstered High Leg Recliner

lane home furnishings

Elevate your living room from boring to spectacular with the Lane Home Furnishings recliner. Sink into upholstery lovingly designed and made in the USA, providing excellent comfort for a superior post-modern home design. 

Rest assured with a steel recline mechanism that will operate smoothly for years and hardwood frames proven to outlast its competition by decades. Transport yourself back in time to a simpler era of purposeful craftsmanship where quality furniture is less prevalent but more anticipated, and ownership lasts beyond what’s trendy this week.

The three positions let you decide how much or how little simplicity suits your mood: scroll down flat for total relaxation, pull up halfway for effortless reading through tilted headrests, or adjust up and peek out over the top by raising your arms as if cheering at a sports game from afar. We guarantee that 6002-11 will be your new favorite chair.


  • It is sturdy and durable
  • It has an excellent back support
  • The chair offers unlimited reclining positions


  • Customers have complained about low-quality fabric.

Christopher Knight: Best High Leg Textile  Recliner 


arvin christopher knight recliner

Like everything in the Christopher Knight Home collection, this Arvin Push Back High Leg Recliner is modern with a glamorous twist. It’s a heavy-duty recliner chair padded with 100% polyester and boasting stainless steel legs that offer superior comfort and durability. 

With a rich, deep fabric with a sheen that will brighten any room, this high leg recliner is your newest way to enjoy the comfort of home. Choose emerald or silver as you pick out this recliner to give an elegant and sophisticated touch to your space. With a gentle push back and tilting forward motion for adjustability, this chair will be comfortable for anyone in your family, from kids to grandparents.


  • It is easy to operate
  • It is durable
  • It is affordable and stylish


  • There have been complaints about them wanting to spring back when reclining

Best Home Furnishings Prima Power High Leg Recliner

You are looking at a recliner that combines form and function with this sleek, contemporary design. Your comfort doesn’t just take priority – it’s the whole point of this convenience. After all, you deserve to be in a position where you feel completely relaxed. 

With power motion, there’s no need to worry about a creaky spring. You have total control over your reclining angle with the smooth and powerful motion of this contemporary high leg recliner. The quick-fix back cushions are designed like plush seatbacks that allow you to fill them up with polyester fiber in just seconds and remove them when needed for easy cleaning. 

With its sleek style, it will spruce up your living room or bedroom for any occasion – add it as an accent chair or use it as a sophisticated replacement for traditional, low-leg furniture.


  • It is durable and sturdy
  • It is beautiful and comfortable
  • High-density foam cushions


  • It is not easy to assemble

Transitional Power Headrest High Leg Recliner

Your new living room will be both comfortable and stylish with this recliner chair combo. The sleek, modern design of the wingback upholstered accent chair is perfect for contemporary or minimalist homes while also providing a cozy seat that’s great to curl up in during Netflix binges. 

With its matching ottoman-and-cushion set included, you’ll have an instant piece of furniture that everyone who visits will love.

With one simple adjustment back from your seat into position while leaning on the high-leg armrests, not only will you have transitioned seamlessly from sitting in a relaxing chair with elegant bronze accents for transitional styling but also be able to rest at ease knowing that it’s both comfortable and stylish.

This designer transitional High Leg style recliner is perfect for those who want their home feeling cozy yet fashionable as they relax after work – all without compromising either function.


  • It is very comfortable.’
  • It is stable
  • It is durable
  • It is easy to operate


  • It is not stain resistant

Different High Leg Recliner Types

The high leg recliner is one of the most popular types available on today’s market. These chairs are designed to provide you with direct pressure relief for your legs, hips, and back so that you can relax in style while reading a book or watching TV. Although this type comes in all shapes and sizes, they all come with different benefits depending upon what exactly it was created to do best. 

Here are some of the types of high leg recliners by style, size, and material.

Two-position recliner

This high leg recliner is one of the most common ones in many stores. They have two positions: completely reclined or upright. This chair flattens out using your body weight when you release the foot lever.

Push-back recliner

Unlike the two-position recliner, this push-back recliner easily flattens out with a slight push from your back. They, however, don’t come with a footrest, meaning you can consider them if you love stretching your legs out.

The Rocker

rocker chair

These recliners are a great way to get your feet up and relax. They can be folded in half when they are upright, so there is plenty of space for other activities, such as watching TV or reading a book. They are also the most affordable of all options.

Power Lift

This recliner is fully motorized to push you out of the seat and standing up. They are perfect for those people who live with disabilities or have injuries. It is an expensive bargain because of its high technology.

Massage High Leg Recliner

A massage high leg recliner is perfect if you need to relax and your home doesn’t have a spa. They are designed with padding so that they can knead, knock out the pain from every crevice of our body by vibrating on tender areas like shins or feet. A massage high leg recliner will take care of all those aches in one sitting.


High-leg recliners come in different sizes and shapes to fit various needs. To find the best possible match, measure your desired location for a high leg recliner before going out shopping. 

These measurements will help you determine which type of chair fits well within that space as well as what size is most suitable for your body shape or weight requirement so it’s more comfortable.

Small High Leg Recliners

These chairs measure thirty-nine inches or less in width. They are perfect for rooms that have minimal space.

Standard High Leg Recliners

They are mid-sized and measure about forty inches wide, and generally fit many people.

Oversized High Leg Recliners

These recliners are fifty or more inches wide. They are designed to accommodate big rooms and people.

Material Used

When buying a high leg recliner, it’s good that you pay enough attention to its material. In the market today, the best material for a high leg recliner is leather or fabric.

Leather Upholstery

Leather upholstery, while it may not be the most durable fabric for furniture of all time, is beautiful and easy enough to clean. Leather high leg recliners are also available in a variety of styles that will suit every room from classically elegant to modern chic. If you have pets or children with claws though, this isn’t your best choice since they can scratch it easily.

Fabric Upholstery

Fabric high leg recliners are all the rage. With their soft fabrics, comfortable materials, and sturdy construction; they provide a great place to relax for hours on end. However, if you let them get dirty or don’t clean up promptly it can cause some problems with your fabric chair’s appearance over time – so be sure to give yours plenty of TLC.

Factors to Consider When Buying Recliners

The Cost 

Do you want the luxury of a large, high-leg recliner that comes with many accessories or would you rather find one cheaper and without so much? High leg chairs can range in price from $500 to over $5,000 depending on what kind of materials are used. You have to know what type is best for your needs and consider how much you can afford.

Functions or Features

Recliners have always been a popular product in an increasingly competitive market. With the rise of new technologies and features, there’s never been such a wide variety to choose from! These days you can find recliners with all sorts of amenities: cup holders, tablet or phone slots (even wireless batteries!), tray tables, LED Flex lights for truly relaxing evenings at home! 

So make sure your next purchase suits both your desired functions as well as needs fully..


If you are looking for a high leg recliner, there is one thing to consider first: ergonomics. This may sound like an odd topic but it is key to avoiding the risk of getting musculoskeletal disorders that can ruin your day-to-day activities. A good recliner should be designed with all weight and height ranges in mind so they remove stress from different parts of the body while contouring our bodies into comfort.


Question: What Makes a Good High Leg Recliner?

Answer: People love a good recliner. There are many different types of chairs, but this type is unique in the way that it comes with its own built-in footrest. A high leg recliner provides comfort and support for your legs while you sit back to enjoy some relaxation or watch television on an evening after work. 
However, there’s something important that needs attention before setting up: protection! You want to make sure your investment stays protected even when regularly used over time so ensuring quality upholstery materials like microfiber leather helps keep them looking brand new for years longer than other types of materials.

Question: Can High Leg Recliners Be Tacky?

Answer: High-leg reclining chairs are all shapes and sizes; however, they have one thing in common: most of them look tacky.
Where you set, your high leg recliner can significantly determine how much it gets tainted over time. For example, a game room may not be as likely to collect the same amount of dust or dirt from foot traffic as an office setting would.

Question: Are High Leg Recliners Good for Your Body?

Answer: Yes, high leg recliners are good for you, your health and your body
There is no denying that high leg recliners have many benefits. They can help you rest your body in a comfortable position and provide lumbar support to keep the back straight while sitting. However, it is important to make sure you buy one with these features before buying because they may not be included by default on all models of this type of chair

Question: How Far Should You Place Your High Leg Recliner from the Wall? 

Answer: A thumb rule is to leave five inches between your high-leg recliner and any surrounding objects. If you have furniture on either side of where one would normally sit while using this chair, then make sure there are also gaps both before and after so they don’t block access for other people who might be sitting near them as well.


We hope this blog post has been helpful in your search for the best high-leg recliner. If you’ve made it to the end, congratulations! You now know about tons of different options that are available on the market today and how to narrow down your choices based on material, features, and ergonomics. 

No matter which one you choose or what criteria you use while making a decision, we think these chairs will provide years worth of comfort so long as they get adequate care and maintenance. Whether you want to stretch out and relax or find a chair that will work with your home, we have provided all the information you need on these versatile pieces of furniture. If you are still unsure about which model is right for your needs, don’t worry!

We recommend the Lane Home Furnishings High Leg Recliner. It is sturdy and durable, has excellent back support, and offers unlimited reclining positions.

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