Top Catnapper Recliners Guide: How to Select the Right One for You?

Catnapper recliners are perfect for lying back and drifting off in maximum comfort. They are an ideal addition to your home, and with our top Catnapper recliners guide, we are going to find out what model is the best to buy.

We will explore the different features and pros and cons of the seven best Catnapper recliners on the market. Before we get into the details, let’s have a look at a quick overview of the best Catnapper recliners in 2021.

At a Glance: 7 of the Best Catnapper Recliners in 2021

Catnapper Best for… Material Dimensions More Info
Cloud 12 Power Chaise Recliner Best overall Catnapper Polyester 42 x 44 x 45 inches Find out more
Teddy Bear Saddle Chaise Swivel Glider Recliner Best Swivel Glider Catnapper Synthetic, Micro Suede 42 x 44 x 45 inches Find out more
Power Wall Hugger Upholstered Recliner Best modern-looking Catnapper Polyester 42 x 32 x 42 inches Find out more
Stallworth 4898 Power Lift Chair & Recliner Best faux leather Catnapper faux leather 43 x 46 x 48 inches Find out more
Maverick Swivel Glider Recliner Best budget Catnapper Microfiber 43 x 40 x 42 inches Find out more
Owens 764761-7 Power Full Lay-Out Recliner Best Premium Catnapper Microfiber 42 x 43 x 44 inches Find out more
Deluxe Magnum Heat & Massage Rocker Recliner Best compact Catnapper Microfiber 42 x 34 x 33 inches Find out more

What is a Catnapper?


A catnapper recliner is built for lying completely back, and this type of chair offers superior comfort compared to many other recliners.

The brand is made in the USA by the company Jackson Furniture Industries. While they make various other furniture such as sofas, lift chairs, and ottomans, their Catnapper recliner range is among the most popular.

A catnapper recliner is often compared to a Lazy Boy; however, catnappers are often more comfortable and durable (although it does depend on the model).

Things to consider before buying a Catnapper Recliner

Before we get into our review of the top Catnappers on the market, there are some things to think about before you go and buy one.


Catnappers are built for superior comfort, but that doesn’t mean that every material will be comfortable for you.

Some Catnappers are made from Polyester, which is very common for recliners; however, you will find some models with faux leather upholstery. It isn’t just your comfort level that can be impacted by the material used on a recliner; it also affects its durability.

For example, some materials will be more resistant to stains than others, while some will take a lot longer and be much easier to clean. So, when looking at a Catnapper recliner, don’t just think about the material in terms of comfort but also consider maintenance and longevity too.

Overall Dimensions

Recliners are larger than regular armchairs, so you will need to leave extra space to have one in your home.

The overall dimensions of a Catnapper pose some questions for you to think about:

  • Will it fit comfortably in your living room ?
  • Will you need to move furniture around to house it?
  • Is there enough room for it to recline properly?

These are just a few things to take into consideration. You don’t want to spend considerable money on a Catnapper only to find that there isn’t enough space for it to recline properly.

Luckily we have listed the dimensions in our overview of the top Catnappers you can buy.

Seat Dimensions and Weight Capacity

The overall dimensions of a Catnapper aren’t the only thing to look at – you should also consider the actual dimensions of the seat.

Comparing the seat dimensions with your body size will allow you to determine how comfortable you will be sitting in the Catnapper. If there isn’t a lot of room between your body size and the size of the seat, the Catnapper probably won’t be comfortable to sit on.

We are just highlighting this because it is something that many people don’t consider before they make a purchase.

Similarly, the weight capacity will determine how durable the recliner will be. Always ensure that you buy a Catnapper with a higher weight capacity than yourself because this means it can easily accommodate the extra weight. You will find that most recliners have a weight capacity of 350 lbs, but it is something that you should check first before you buy.

Recliner weight

We have looked at the weight capacity; however, the current weight of the Catnapper is a feature to consider as well.

It might not seem that important. If you are buying a recliner, it isn’t really a piece of furniture that will be moved around a lot.

If the recliner is particularly heavy, it can pose problems if you need to move it around your home or move to a new house or apartment.

For example, the location of the recliner when you first buy it might not be where you want it if you renovate the room. Moving it to another space such as a home office could be very problematic.

The weight shouldn’t necessarily put you off purchasing the recliner; it is just something to keep in mind when thinking about the medium-long term.

7 Best Catnapper Recliners

Cloud 12 Power Chaise Recliner – Best overall Catnapper

Cloud 12 Power Chaise Recliner

The Cloud 12 Catnapper comes out on the top of our list for a variety of reasons. We love this Catnapper recliner, not least because it is just so comfortable. Seriously, this Catnapper is among the most comfortable armchairs we have ever sat on, and drifting off in this recliner is a breeze.

The frame is made from alloy steel which makes it incredibly durable too. There aren’t a ton of bells and whistles with this recliner. If you are after a ton of features, you’ll need to look at some of the other options on our list. So why is this number 1? Well, it does all the basics right.

For a reasonable price, you get an extremely comfortable powered recliner that has a full lay-back option. The recliner also has Camel, Chocolate, and Sage colors. One downside is that it doesn’t come with a battery backup power source, and this will need to be purchased separately.

However, for a massively comfortable Catnapper that does what you need it to do for a decent cost, the Cloud 12 is a great option.


  • Superior comfort with full lay-back options
  • Available in three colors
  • Durable as the frame is made from alloy steel
  • It is available at a reasonable cost


  • No backup power option supplied (need to purchase this separately)

Teddy Bear Saddle Chaise Swivel Glider Recliner – Best Swivel Glider Catnapper

Teddy Bear Saddle Chaise Swivel Glider Recliner

The Teddy Bear Saddle Chaise Swivel Glider Recliner is another Catnapper that provides superior comfort. This recliner has a micro-suede fabric that is not only comfortable but durable as well. It is good at resisting water and stains, which should help keep the maintenance down.

This isn’t a powered Catnapper like the Cloud 12, and it doesn’t recline back, so you completely flat; however, you do have three different reclining options. We like how this Catnapper swivels and rocks, and many people have commented how this recliner helps to reduce back pain. Even without the power option, this recliner is easy to use.

The microfiber material can get very warm if you sit in it for a long time, and this is a heavy recliner (it weighs about 115 lbs). If you are looking for a swivel rocking recliner, this is definitely a model to consider.


  • Swivels and rocks while offering great comfort
  • has three different reclining positions
  • Low maintenance and easy to keep clean


  • The material means it can get very warm to sit-in
  • Heavy and difficult to move if you need

Power Wall Hugger Upholstered Recliner – Best Modern-Looing Catnapper

Power Wall Hugger Upholstered Recliner

The Power Wall Hugger Upholstered Recliner is an ideal choice if you want a modern-looking model. It comes in a lovely faux leather design and will fit in with a contemporary styled room. Another great feature of this Catnapper is its compact size.

If you live in a small house or an apartment and are limited by space, this Catnapper sits nicely in a smaller area. You also only need 12 to 14 inches of wall clearance to use this Catnapper effectively or 16 inches for a full recline. The faux leather material is easy to clean and maintain, which is another big bonus.

The potential downside is that the weight capacity is lower with this recline at 250 lbs, but that it should be enough for most people. An excellent feature is the USB charging port which lets you sit back, relax, and charge your devices.


  • Compact Catnapper ideal for small spaces
  • It has a modern design
  • USB charging port
  • Faux leather for easy cleaning


  • It has a lower weight capacity than other models

Stallworth 4898 Power Lift Chair & Recliner – Best Faux Leather Catnapper

Stallworth 4898 Power Lift Chair & Recliner

The Stallworth 4898 Power Lift Chair & Recliner is our top pick for a faux leather Catnapper, but that isn’t the only thing this recliner has going for it. The recliner has memory foam for a superior comfort level, and its construction means that it has a weight capacity of 450 lbs. For anyone with back pain or posture issues, this Catnapper is an excellent choice.

You won’t need to do much maintenance due to the faux leather material, as it can be easily cleaned while being UV resistant. There is also lift-assist technology if you have issues getting out of the chair. Some people have commented that faux leather does crack after a few years; however, it doesn’t appear to be a widespread problem, and you won’t need to worry about it much in the short to medium term.


  • Faux leather recliner with low maintenance
  • Has lift-assist technology
  • Memory foam for extra comfort
  • Higher weight capacity of 450 lbs


  • Leather can appear cracked after a few years

Maverick Swivel Glider Recliner – Best Budget Catnapper

Maverick Swivel Glider Recliner

LIf money is an issue, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good quality Catnapper, and the Maverick Swivel Glider Recliner is available at an affordable cost.

Just because this Catnapper isn’t the most expensive, it is still very comfortable. This recliner can also swivel at 360 degrees (like the Teddy Bear Saddle Chaise Swivel Glider), and its extra-deep padding is a dream to sit and lie on.

One drawback is that the front is around 20″ high. It isn’t that big of a problem, but people who aren’t that tall might struggle to get their feet on the floor when sitting in the normal position on this recliner. However, overall this is a great budget pick for a Catnapper. It provides great comfort, can swivel 360 degrees, and can lie right back in the Maverick Swivel Glider Recliner too.


  • Available at an affordable cost
  • Extra deep padding and is very comfortable
  • Can swivel 360 degrees


  • Front of the recliner is quite high

Owens 764761-7 Power Full Lay-Out Recliner – Best Premium Recliner

Owens 764761-7 Power Full Lay-Out Recliner

The Owens 764761-7 Power Full Lay-Out Recliner does cost a bit of money, but it is a great premium Catnapper. This recliner offers excellent lumbar and head support, and there is a handy control panel that lets you operate the chair. The headrest can change position, too, which isn’t a common trait with many recliners.

It doesn’t have memory foam; however, the comfort coils are gel-infused, with many people commenting that this actually provides much better comfort. A USB charging port lets you power up your devices, and it is difficult to find much wrong with this Catnapper.

One downside is the fact that you can’t save your settings on the control panel. This isn’t a massive deal, but it is a feature that would be incredibly handy and take this Catnapper to the next level.


  • Great premium Catnapper
  • Has control panel and USB charging station
  • Comfort coils are gel-infused


  • Not way of saving your comfort settings

Deluxe Magnum Heat & Massage Rocker Recliner – Best Compact Catnapper

Deluxe Magnum Heat & Massage Rocker Recliner

If you don’t have a lot of space at home to house a Catnapper, then the Deluxe Magnum Heat & Massage Rocker Recliner is the best choice. Its dimensions are only 42 x 34 x 33 inches to fit nicely in a small living room. Compactness isn’t the only thing we love about this model.

The heat and massage options provide a completely extra layer of comfort, and these functions can be controlled via the handy remote. The massage setting can be a bit louder than you would think, but it is a small price for a sensual experience.

If you need a compact Catnapper but want a model that is packed full of features, the Deluxe Magnum Heat & Massage Rocker Recliner provides this.


  • Small and compact Catnapper
  • Has massage and heat features
  • Rocking mode and can be controlled by a remote


  • Massage setting does make some noise
  • Compact model, so might not suit everyone


Question: What is a Catnapper Recliner?

Answer: A catnapper recliner is a brand of reclining armchairs that are made for ultimate relaxation, including sleeping. Unlike standard recliners, a Catnapper can recline right back so you and lying down, they usually have superior comfort.

Question: How do I Clean a Catnapper?

Answer: It depends on the material. Catnapper recliners are made from different materials depending on the model.
Some, such as faux leather, can be wiped clean, whereas others need to be cleaned via other methods. Refer to the manufacturer’s documentation to find out the best way of cleaning your Catnapper recliner.

Question: Are Catnappers More Expensive Than Other Recliners?

Answer: Not necessarily. Catnappers can be more expensive due to their additional features, but they aren’t the most expensive recliners on the market.

Question: Do Catnappers Have In-Built Massage Features?

Question: Some do. For example, the Catnapper Deluxe Magnum Heat & Massage has an in-built massage option that can bring your comfort level to the next level. Not every Catnapper has massage capability, so make sure you check this out before you buy.

Question: Do I Need To Assemble a Catnapper Recliner Myself?

Answer: It depends where you buy your Catnapper from. Some will be pre-assembled however other models may require you to carry out some assembly.

Question: Do Catnapper Recliners Have a Backup Battery?

Answer: You can purchase a backup battery for your Catnapper recliner. These usually last for around 6-8 hours, and they can be helpful if you need a backup power source for your recliner.

Question: Is the Size of a Catnapper Recliner Important?

Answer: Yes. The overall dimensions of a Catnapper are important because you need to ensure that it fits comfortably in your home and that there is enough clearance to recline fully.

Which is the Best Catnapper recliner?

All the Catnappers are great in their own way; however, the Cloud 12 Catnapper is our top pick for a great all-around recliner. The Cloud 12 has fantastic comfort alongside durability as a result of the alloy steel frame.

As we said above, this Catnapper doesn’t have a ton of features but it definitely does the basics right. For a reasonable cost, it provides excellent comfort, is available in three colors, and also has three full lay-back options. There are fancier Catnappers out there, but the Cloud 12 will make a perfect addition to any home.

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