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How to Find the Best Leather Ottoman For Your Home

Are you ready to deep dive into what makes the best leather ottoman for your home? We’re here to let you know what your options are when it comes to types of leather and how to style a leather ottoman. We’ll also give you our top 7 choices for the best leather ottomans available right now based on their design, price ranges, and extra features. Curious about all the ways you can utilize an ottoman? Keep reading to find out more!

Why Leather Ottomans?

Leather Ottoman

This is a two-part question, so we’ll start with-why ottomans? Ottomans can be used:

  • As a footrest
  • As a seat
  • As storage space
  • As a coffee table
  • As a decoration

Why would you be interested in leather ottomans, in particular? Well, leather offers:

  • Durability
  • Low-maintenance upkeep
  • Classic and luxurious aesthetic
  • Longevity
  • Color choices

Pros and Cons to Leather Ottomans


  • Leather comes in a wide assortment of colors and types to choose from
  • It can stay nice for decades with proper care
  • Leather doesn’t need much care to stay nice
  • Won’t easily rip or fray
  • Leather looks beautiful
  • Compliments most rooms


  • Leather stains relatively easily
  • Stains will show on light-colored leather
  • Can crack
  • Leather shouldn’t be put in direct sunlight
  • Gets very hot in direct sunlight

What Types of Leather are There?

bovine leather

An exciting part of deciding which leather ottoman you like best is picking out the kind of leather you want! Different types of leather have a different feel, and so do unfinished and finished leather. Unfinished is softer but stains easier. Finished leather is much easier to find and usually less expensive.

With so many choices, we came up with this guide to help.

Cow Leather

Cow leather, or bovine leather, is a widely popular favorite for leather lovers. As far as animal leathers go, cow leather is the best in terms of strength and weight. If you want a long-lasting leather ottoman, cow leather is definitely the way to go.

Pig Leather

Pig leather is a little different from cow leather because it is much lighter. When it comes to animal leather, pig leather is one of the cheapest options if you want the genuine thing on a budget. Keep in mind, it isn’t as resistant to tears as cow and lamb leather.

Lamb Leather

Lamb Leather

Lamb is another great choice for leather ottomans because lamb leather is the softest. Being more durable than pig leather and less heavy than cow leather, lamb leather is a serious contender in what makes the best leather ottoman.

Faux Leather

If you’d like to opt-out of real leather in favorite of fake, or faux, leather, there are many options out there for you. Faux leather is less expensive than genuine leather. Instead of coming from an animal, faux leather is made of PVC, polyurethane, or polyamide fiber.

Bonded Leather

Bonded leather is a mix of leather scraps and latex or polyurethane. Pieces of leather (which may or may not come from the same animal) are bonded together with latex or polyurea to give you the finished product. A lot of leather furniture is made from bonded leather, and the tag of your product should tell you what kind of leather you’re buying.

It’s hard to gauge the exact quality of bonded leather because whether your bonded leather product is more leather or more latex is a toss-up.  

Faux Leather vs Real Leather

Round 1: Look



  • Can range from plastic or latex-looking to real-looking
  • Each piece from a manufacturer can look identical
  • No “imperfections” in the material


  • Always looks like real leather
  • Each piece from a manufacturer will not look identical, because of pores and markings unique to the animal it came from
  • Scars, veins, pores, stretch marks, birth marks, etc.

Round 2: Feel



  • Not as soft as real leather, particularly lamb leather
  • Not as heavy
  • Uniform in feel  


  • Softer than faux leather, particularly lamb leather
  • Heavier material
  • Inconsistencies in material

Round 3: Colors



  • Can be dyed any color
  • Colors will be uniform throughout a product line
  • Color will not change over time


  • Can be dyed any color
  • Colors will be inconsistent throughout a product line
  • Natural leather colors may change over time

Round 4: Price



  • Cheaper
  • Variations on price


  • Pricier
  • Variations on price

Final Round: Durability



  • Not as durable
  • Will peel with time
  • Shouldn’t be exposed to the sun for long periods


  • Much stronger
  • Can crack with time
  • Shouldn’t be exposed to the sun for long periods

What Size and Shape of Ottoman Should You Get?

King Ottoman

Now that you’re an expert when it comes to types of leather and the benefits of real leather and faux leather, it’s time for the next step: what size and shape?

Here, we’ll challenge you to think about what geometric shapes compliment the other shapes in your living room. It’s also a good idea to think about how much space you’re working with to determine what size ottoman is best.

Round Leather Ottoman

Round leather ottomans look classically elegant and luxurious. If the furniture in your living room has mostly rounded edges as opposed to harsh corners, this could be the ottoman that fits best. You can find small or large round ottomans.

Square Leather Ottoman

A square leather ottoman has a studious and chic appeal. If your living room furniture has edges and corners as opposed to curves, this ottoman would fit perfectly. A perfectly geometric cube draws the eye, so think if this is something you want.

Rectangle Leather Ottoman

A rectangular leather ottoman will most likely be bigger than a square ottoman, so you’ll probably need more space for this type. A rectangle ottoman makes for a perfect coffee table, or even a seat for 2 depending on its dimensions.

Things to Consider When Shopping for a Leather Ottoman

Round Ottoman

There are still a few more things to consider when you’re deciding between leather ottomans. We’ll let you in on how to keep your leather ottoman in top shape, and what features to look for.

Treat the Leather

Thanks to the incredibly strong nature of leather, it doesn’t need much upkeep. Bearing that in mind, these are some useful tips if you want your leather ottoman to look brand new for decades to come:

  • Never put leather in direct sunlight, or it can fade over time.
  • Clean spills off leather as soon as they happen.
  • Clean leather at least 4 times a year with leather cleaning products.
  • You can polish leather, so it keeps its beautiful shine.
  • Use a leather conditioner to keep leather from drying out and cracking.


Ottomans come in all shapes and sizes, and they come in different weights. If you want to move your ottoman around the living room, we suggest getting a small ottoman that won’t be bulky to carry. If you want your ottoman to stay in one spot as a coffee table, then a heavier ottoman wouldn’t be a big deal.


To get your leather ottoman with legs, or to not get your leather ottoman with legs? Is this the question you’re not sure about? Here are some things to think about:

  • Do you like the look of legs on an ottoman?
  • Do you want your ottoman to be tall or short?
  • Do you want tall legs, or more storage space?
  • Does the color or wood type of the legs go with the rest of your living room?

Does it Have Storage?

Not all leather ottomans have storage space-some are just legs and a cushion. If storage space is a reason why you want a leather ottoman, we recommend buying one without legs or with short legs. That way, every part of the ottoman can be used for storage and for setting things on top of.

Do You Have Space for It?


Looking around your living room, would another piece of furniture make it feel cramped? If there isn’t much space between the couches, coffee table, and T.V., an ottoman might be adding too much. If the decorations and furniture in your living room have been looking sparse, a leather ottoman could be perfect.

Does it Match Your Current Style?

As gorgeous as a new leather ottoman may be, it’s a good idea to think about how it will look with the other furniture pieces you have. If you have one color of leather in your living room already, try to match your ottoman to that same color of leather.

The Best Leather Ottoman Choices

You’re a leather ottoman expert now! With your newfound knowledge of leather ottomans, you’ll be ready to make an informed choice about what ottoman best suits you. For some really great ideas to get you started, here are our 7 top picks for the best leather ottomans you can buy online.

Best Leather Ottoman with Storage: Christopher Knight Home Alexandria Bonded Leather Storage Ottoman

Christopher Knight



This is a marbled brown ottoman made from bonded leather. With four short legs and a large rectangular shape, this ottoman offers plenty of storage space. You could easily use this as a coffee table and storage. With gas shock hinges, it opens and closely gently.

  • Material-Bonded leather  
  • Warranty-Please contact the seller directly  
  • Best for-Storage space


Make sure to clean spills off this ottoman as soon as they happen. To keep it in top condition, begin using a leather conditioner 1 year after buying this product.


  • Lot of storage space
  • Wide, making it a great coffee table
  • Decorative tufting on top


  • Too bulky for small spaces

Best Round Leather Ottoman: Moderner Faux Leather Pouf Unstuffed Ottoman Moroccan Footstool

Modern Faux


This is a small, round ottoman without legs that come in brown, chocolate brown, cognac, dark gray, ivory, and mocha. This faux leather ottoman makes a perfect footrest or extra chair, but you can’t use it for storage space. It comes unstuffed with the option to buy stuffing from Moderner’s store or fill it yourself with old clothes and blankets at home.

  • Material-Faux leather, leather, cotton
  • Warranty-Please contact the seller directly  
  • Best for-Compact size and round shape


Use a gentle soap and water to clean faux leather. After washing, put it somewhere where every side can airdry, turning it occasionally.


  • Beautiful pattern on top
  • Compact size
  • Perfect footrest or chair


  • Can’t be used for storage space

Best Square Leather Ottoman: Amazon Brand-Rivet Sloane Mid-Century Leather Ottoman

Rivet Sloane


This caramel leather ottoman is medium-sized and has small wooden legs. This is perfect if you need to double-up on uses for furniture in a compact living room. You can use this ottoman as a coffee table and sturdy storage space.

  • Material-Leather and wood  
  • Warranty-1-year warranty
  • Best for-Square ottoman with storage space


Since this ottoman is made with real leather, you’ll have to condition the leather with leather conditioner, so it doesn’t get dry. Use leather polish to keep it shiny. Use a leather cleaning product when there’s a spill.  


  • Storage space
  • Genuine leather
  • Beautiful caramel color


  • Pricy

Best Faux Leather Ottoman: HomePop Large Button Tufted Round Storage Ottoman



This round leather ottoman with a tufted top is available in dark brown and light brown. The buttons on top and chubby wooden legs below add charm to this aesthetically pleasing piece. With a sturdy wooden frame, you can use this ottoman as storage space, too.

  • Material-Faux leather, wood, and polyester
  • Warranty-Please contact the seller directly  
  • Best for-Quality faux leather


Faux leather should be washed with gentle soap and warm water then left to air dry. Try to clean up any spills on faux leather as soon as they happen.


  • Beautiful, tufted top
  • Storage space
  • Footrest or chair


  • The tufted top and buttons make this hard to use as a coffee table

Best Leather Ottoman For Seating:Duhome Button-Tufted Ottoman bench



This leather ottoman is unique because it is long and rectangular enough to be a bench for multiple people. Though this ottoman doesn’t come with storage space, you can use this if you want more seating in your living room.

  • Material-Leather and iron  
  • Warranty-Please contact the seller directly  
  • Best for-Sitting


Make sure to keep this ottoman bench out of direct sunlight so its color won’t fade. A year after buying this product, we recommend using a leather conditioner, so it stays beautiful.


  • Wide surface, multiple people can sit
  • Beautiful color
  • Real leather


  • No storage space

Best Large Leather Ottoman: Leatherooze Amazing Square Unstuffed Ottoman Pouffe Moroccan Leather


This is a 28” X 28” X 18” leather ottoman pouf made with genuine leather. This product is great for seating multiple people on a pretty, cushioned ottoman, but you can’t use it as a storage space. This ottoman comes unstuffed.

  • Material-Leather and cotton
  • Warranty-Please contact the seller directly  
  • Best for-Large sitting space


Make sure to keep this ottoman out of direct sunlight so its beautiful color won’t fade. Clean up spills as soon as they happen so you won’t have tricky stains to contend with. By treating this leather ottoman with leather conditioner, it shouldn’t crack for many, many years.


  • Large sitting space for multiple people
  • Beautiful brown color
  • Real leather


  • Can’t be used for storage

Best Leather Ottoman For Teen’s Room: Folding Storage Ottoman Bench with Faux Leather Footrest

Storage Ottoman


This is an edgy, grunge-style faux leather ottoman that doubles as a bench and storage space. With its traffic sign pattern, this could be the perfect gift for someone who just got their driver’s license. This product is rectangular and inexpensive compared to other ottomans on the list.

  • Material-Faux leather and engineered wood
  • Warranty-Please contact the seller directly  
  • Best for teens rooms


To keep this faux leather ottoman bench is perfect condition, use gentle soap and warm water to clean it when it gets dirty, then let it air dry. Keep it out of direct sunlight so it won’t peel.


  • Bold pattern with traffic signs
  • Excellent for storage space
  • Excellent for sitting


  • This product may be too bulky for compact rooms


Question: How Do You Style a Leather Ottoman?

Answer: The answer is: this depends on what kind of ottoman you have. Does it have legs and no storage space? This kind of ottoman would make a great footrest by your reclining chair. Does your leather ottoman sit on the ground and have lots of storage space? Maybe you could set small decorations on top that complement the color of the ottoman and use the storage portion for cords, wires, and less attractive things.

Question: What Do You Put Inside an Ottoman?

Answer: You can put anything you want inside an ottoman, but you might want to use it to hide less attractive things around the home. Extension cords, miscellaneous wires, screws, and things of that nature can be concealed within your ottoman so only decorations are visible.

Question: Can You Put Clothes in an Ottoman?

Answer: You can use an ottoman to store clothes. If your ottoman is in your room, this could be a very convenient idea. Running out of room in your summertime closet for puffy jackets and sweaters? Pop them in the ottoman until next year.

Question: What Can an Ottoman be Used for?

Answer: Ottomans have plenty of great uses! They make excellent coffee tables, footrests, chairs, and storage spaces.

The Finale

Do you feel like a well-informed expert on all things leather ottoman? Do you have any questions about leather ottomans, or do you have tips to share from having your own leather ottoman? Let us know in the comments below!

If you ask me, the Leatherooze Amazing Square Unstuffed Ottoman Pouffe Moroccan Leather is the best choice because I love a big leather ottoman! For even more great ideas on what you can do to liven up your home’s atmosphere, check out our guide to the best leather sofas!  

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