Mid Century Modern TV Stand Guide

Mid Century Modern TV Stand Guide For Discovering the Best Selections

You could have spent a fortune getting the best TV to adorn your living room but do you know that your investment might look out of place if you don’t get a suitable TV stand?

If your house is furnished in the mid-century modern style, you need a stand that pays homage to that style. That’s why we’ve prepared this mid-century modern TV stand guide to help you make the right decisions before you make any purchase.

The TV is a focal point in any living room, and when you invite friends to watch the super bowl, their eyes will inevitably be drawn to the stand. The stand will also attract people’s attention whether TV is on or off.  How do you ensure that you obtain a stand that blends with the other mid-century modern furniture in your room? And how do you ensure that you get the best stand at the most affordable price?

To help you answer these questions, we’ve reviewed the best Amazon mid-century TV stands by comparing costs, durability, storage abilities, and design.

We’ve also compiled handy tips to help you style up the TV stand and the surrounding areas. Moreover, our guide will advise you on the factors to consider when buying a mid-century modern TV stand.

But first, let look at some mid-century modern tv stand designs in our mid century modern TV stand guide.

Mid-Century Modern TV Stand Designs

Mid Century Modern TV Stand Guide

Mid-Century Modern designers used new methods of construction and materials such as plastic for their own qualities in a variety of colors.

In terms of design, the style allows users to have an abundance with hues from neutral tones like whites or light greys all the way up to bold displays that include blacks on white background panels alongside graphic designs using Lucite glass surfaces, among others. 

Mid-century modern furniture has always been known to be elegant looking, but it’s also functional because it can easily adapt to different styles without losing its originality. Here are some mid-century modern tv stand designs 


The mid-century modern cabinet style is a great way to show off your TV. It comes in two variations, one where there’s storage on the lower half. The other has open space for displaying or seating atop it. 

Open Shelf

Mid-century modern TV stands are a simple but effective way to display your television. There’s no need for all the clutter of other furniture when you’ve got one right in front of it. These open-shelf designs can be both practical and stylish – their basic design means they don’t take up too much space on our floors or walls while still looking good enough that anyone would notice.

They range from sleek lines down past rustic finishes; some even use metal instead of wood.

Closed Shelf

A closed shelf design is a great option for those who want to hide their clutter. The doors also keep dust and debris from getting on stored items, so everything stays clean.

This type of stand often has space underneath it where you can put things like cable boxes or DVD collections without worrying about them rolling around all over the place.


If you want to maximize your living space, optimizing it for the TV set and its viewers is one of the best ways. With corner stands that can be placed in corners instead of against a single wall or flat on an angle like most traditional standees are designed to, there’s more than enough room left over without feeling cramped at all.


In the case of a television stand, it is not just enough to have one shelf. You need two or more shelves for storing your media components and other items like remotes. The hutch TV stand design will allow you plenty of room where these necessities can live without feeling cramped at all times – which may be why they’re such an appealing option compared with conventional designs. 

The mid-century modern variant makes room for the television and carries flanking cabinets to add visual interest while providing additional storage with its lower shelves.

The Best Mid- Century Modern TV Stands: Our Top 5 Picks

Walker Edison Engelwood Mid-Century Modern TV Stand – Best Overall TV Stand

Walker Edison Engelwood Mid-Century Modern TV Stand

When you’re searching for a premium TV stand at a non-premium price, the trendy Walker Edison Engelwood mid-century modern stand could be your best bet.  Measuring 24 inches high, 15.75 inches wide, and 70 inches long, this is a versatile product that you’ll find helpful as a TV stand but which you could also convert to other uses.

This floor-mounted stand is available in dark walnut color and is made to support TVs of up to 80 inches. It is a sturdy product that is made of three materials – wood, metal, and glass. The top of the wooden frame can support 150 pounds guaranteeing the safety of your TV.

The stand has two side-shelves made of wood, providing ample storage for your accessories. A glass shelf in the middle would be ideal for styling up with books, magazines, toys, and souvenirs.

The color of the wood and the tempered glass lend an authentic mid-century modern look making this stand complementary to the other furniture made in this style. The stand’s metal legs and metal handles add to its beauty.

While it’s marketed as a TV stand, this product can find other uses in your home. You could therefore use it as a storage cabinet in different rooms, including the kitchen and bedroom.


  • Sturdy and reasonably priced
  • Versatile product that could find other uses in the house
  • Beautiful, blends in with other mid-century modern furniture


  • Not very easy to assemble

IWELL Mid-Century Modern TV Stand

IWELL Mid-Century Modern TV Stand

The IWELL mid-century modern TV stand is worth considering when decorating your home while avoiding the commonplace clutter in many homes. Beauty is ensured by the stand’s brown color, while two side cabinets ensure that you have the space you need to store your entertainment accessories.

When you use this stand, you’ve got no excuse for leaving your books, games, and even stereo equipment in a mumbo jumbo as you can neatly store them away. To further keep clutter away, the stand has a cable hole on the back, enabling you to tuck the cables out of sight.

Measuring 43.3 inches in length, 15.7 inches wide, and 19.7 inches high, this is large enough to support up to 50 inches TV.

With a stand-top that can support weights of up to 50 pounds, this product provides ample space not only for your TV but also for other decorative items. This top would therefore be an excellent place for potted plants and decorative baskets.

This is a product that is made to last courtesy of the high-quality wood used in its construction. Its wooden legs are also good-looking and provide enough stability to guarantee the safety of your TV. This TV stand is easy to maintain as the table-top is treated to ensure that it’s resistant to water and scratches.

Compared to other similar-sized stands, the stand is priced competitively. When you follow the instructions that come with this stand, it’s also easy to install.


  • Affordable and low-maintenance
  • Quality and durable construction materials
  • Easy to install


  • Stand legs are a bit too short

Manhattan Comfort Liberty Small Mid -Century Modern TV Stand

Manhattan Comfort Liberty Small Mid

When you have limited space for your TV stand yet fancy the mid-century modern look, a great product to consider would be the Manhattan comfort liberty small mid-century modern TV stand. This stand combines simplicity and functionality and would be a great addition to your living room.

Measuring 42.52 inches in length, 25.8 inches in height, and 14.17 inches in depth, this small stand is very functional. It has two open shelves, which would be ideal for displaying books, magazines, and toys.

For the privacy (and safety) of your media accessories, the stand also comes with one cubby, which should be a perfect home for things you wish to keep private.

The body of the stand is made from particleboard, and its legs are solid wood. This stand can accommodate TVs in the 30 foot to 46-foot range and is meant for people with limited spaces. This all-wood product is easy to maintain and only calls for occasional wiping.

The stand is available in a great variety of colors, including white, black, rustic brown, and a mixture of colors so that you’re never short of choices. In addition, the stand is priced very competitively.


  • Wide variety of colors
  • Simple, elegant and fully-functional
  • Very reasonably priced


  • Not very easy to assemble

GHQME Mid-Century Modern Stand

GHQME Mid-Century Modern Stand

Sturdiness and durability are two of the most vital attributes that property owners crave when looking for TV stands. If these attributes are essential to you (as we guess they are), you should not hesitate to invest in the GHQME mid-century modern wood simple stand.

Made of quality MDF, this is a stand that is guaranteed to give you many years of excellent service without breaking down or wobbling. Measuring 58 inches in length, 16 inches in width, and 24 inches in height and weighing over 69 pounds, this large stand can accommodate weights above 170 pounds.

Available in gray, this stand would be a gorgeous addition to your living room and would accent nicely with the other mid-century modern furniture therein. The stand comes with four large storage cabinets which you could use to store books, magazines, your DVD player, toys, etc. 

The large stand-top will not only accommodate your TV but could also be used to add decorations such as stuffed animals and household plants.

A very versatile product, this stand could also be used as a storage cabinet in your bedroom or as a buffet in your kitchen. Not only is this product affordable, but it also comes with easy-to-follow assembling instructions.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Adequate storage space
  • Good looking and affordable


  • Complaints that the color is not true gray

Modway Render Mid-Century Modern Low Profile Stand

Modway Render Mid-Century Modern Low Profile Stand

You can never go wrong with the Modway Render Mid-Century modern low-profile stand when you desire to capture authentic mid-century modern aesthetics. This beautiful stand has a charcoal wood grain finish that brings a touch of mid-century class to any room.

The stand is made of particleboard, and its tapered legs are covered in foam pads to ensure that your floors will never get marked. Measuring 13.5 inches in length, 58.5 inches in width, and 17 inches long, the stand comes with a center storage shelf and slatted sliding doors on either side.

With this stand, you have adequate storage for all your entertainment accessories. The stand-top can accommodate TVs of up to 64 inches and, if you have a smaller TV, you’ll have plenty of room to style up with other decorations such as natural and artificial potted flowers.

For its genuine mid-century modern features and appearance, this product is reasonably priced.


  • Breathtaking appearance
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Reasonably priced


  • Presents an assembling challenge

Tips on How to Choose a TV Stand

Mid-Century Modern TV stands are available in a wide range of colors, materials, and designs. Before buying yours, there are crucial factors you need to consider, including the following:


The material that a TV stand is made from directly influences the durability and maintenance of the stand, and for these reasons, the choice of material should be made with care. The most popular materials in mid-century modern TV stands are solid woods, metal, glass, particleboard, and a mixture of all.

Since you want to purchase a stand that will offer trouble-free service for many years, it’s best to stick to stands that are made from durable wood or metal. TV stands made from these materials also require very little in the way of maintenance.

While you could also consider glass stands (since most of them are reinforced with metal), remember that they could easily get unsightly cracks with time, especially in homes with children.

Your Current Style

When choosing a TV stand for any room in your house, it’s important to think about the other furniture in a room and make sure that the stand you bring home matches the current décor. You should consider getting a stand with simple lines and open shelves to complement that style if you have mid-century modern furniture.


A good TV stand should help you keep your entertainment space organized, and you can achieve this by choosing a stand with enough storage. Your stand should not just accommodate your TV but should have room books, magazines, gaming consoles, DVD players, etc.

To guarantee tidiness and ensure that you’re not endangering your life, choose a stand that enables you to keep electric tables away from the stand’s surface.

The Viewing Height

When buying a TV stand, it is important to choose the viewing height wisely. A comfortable viewing height will make you want to watch your favorite shows all day long. Be sure to find one that is at eye level. This will make viewing easier and more comfortable.

TV Size

It’s important to pay attention to the size of your TV when buying a stand, the height, and the width. A smaller TV stand will not be able to accommodate the larger screens, so make sure that you measure them before buying. You need one that can hold up with whatever you throw at them – whether they’re large or small.

How to Style Up A Mid-Century Modern TV Stand

tv stand

Your mid-century modern TV stand could be the star of the room, but it’ll still look bare without some styling up. Here are some ideas on how you could decorate both the stand and the area around it.

Fill Open Shelves with Decorative Items

If you opted for a stand with open shelves, you could fill them up with baskets containing flowers (both natural and artificial) instead of using them for storage. Choose the baskets and the items to put in them, ensuring that they blend with the décor in the room.

Place Potted Plants, Statues, and Other Decorations on TV Stand-Top

If you have plenty of space on the stand-top, a great way to style it up is by placing decorative items such as flowers, pictures, lamps, and even souvenirs on either side of the TV.

While you have many choices, remember that having too many items on the stand-top will amount to cluttering, and this will make your stand unattractive. Too many of such items could also block the TV screen.

For the area around the stand, one or two potted plants would look great.


Question: What Should I Consider When Choosing the Size of My TV Stand?

Answer: The most important consideration to take into account when choosing the size of your TV stand is the size of your TV.
Your TV should have enough room on the stand and some to spare for decorations. To ensure that no one accidentally knocks the TV down (a real possibility with kids and pets around), your stand should be several inches wider than the base of your TV.

Question: What Other Purposes Can My TV Stand Serve?

Answer: Apart from being home to the TV, a TV stand can serve many other purposes depending on its size. If it’s large enough, you could turn the stand into a dresser.
You could also use it as a bookshelf. Some mid-century modern TV stands have massive storage facilities, and that’s why you’ll find them converted to other uses, including serving as buffets in kitchens.

Question: How Can I Improve the Appearance of My Mid-Century Modern TV Stand?

Answer: To give your stand a rustic look, a good idea would be to hang old maps in the area behind the stand. Wall art in the right colors would also be appropriate. For decorations on the stand and the surrounding area, you can never go wrong with potted plants.

Mid Century Modern TV Stand Guide: Conclusion

Amazon has a fantastic collection of mid-century modern TV stands, and you might be spoilt for choice when you are shopping for one. The only downside to this great variety is that you might have difficulty picking on a specific product.

To make sure that you obtain a TV stand that meets your needs, there are particular features that you should look for in the product you intend to buy. The size of the stand is one crucial feature that you should keep an eye out for, as this will ultimately determine whether the stand will fit snugly in the space you intend to put it.

Since your TV stand is a significant investment, you should also look for a durable and sturdy product to give you many years of good service.

That’s why it’d be advisable to purchase stands made from solid woods. And since you want to use your TV stand to decorate and tidy up your entertainment area, you should look for a product that is not only physically appealing but also has ample storage space.

Since the prices of the TV stands vary widely, it’s important to conduct appropriate research and compare the features and prices of competing products. This is the kind of homework you need to do to ensure that you do not spend your money on a product that’s likely to disappoint.

If you’ve read our guide and conducted your research but you are still undecided on the product to buy, let us give you a suggestion.

How about choosing the GHQME mid-century modern wood stand? This is a sturdy and durable product that is priced very competitively. Moreover, it’s a great-looking product with excellent storage abilities and could be used in several rooms in your home.

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